Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Little Soccer Player

My little boy has been playing soccer!  And when I say playing, I dont really mean "playing".  They dont have games, but they do group activities, and learn some fundamentals.  Every week isn't perfect.  :)  For instance, they have this game where they have to stack cones and then knock them over.  Well Jackson is WAY more interested in knocking over EVERYONE's cones, than just his.  

There have been a couple of week's where Craig has had to leave early with Jackson, just because he will not obey.  Jackson will cry and yell out "I'm OK!!!  I'm OK!"  Followed with, "I'm in trouble!!!" 

Jackson's favorite parts of soccer is being able to run and kick the ball.  They start each Thursday with stretches.  It took Jackson alittle while to figure out the stretches, but he has them down now.  Evidently his teacher told him "Good job Jackson" today, he replied by SCREAMING, "GOOD JOB JACKSON!"  :)

At the end of the practice, they put their hand on a soccer ball, and then the teacher gives them stamps on their hands.  Instead of putting his hand on the ball, Jackson prefered to give the other kids in his class hugs. 

Sweet boy.  :)


Lizzy said...

How fun!! I can't believe how grown up he's getting!

mgoff said...

So glad he is doing this! So fun!

Mitty said...

I actually taught Lil Kickers when I lived in Tulsa. It's a FANTASTIC program and Caleb will be signed up when he's old enough. It was always amazing to see how advanced the kids were by the end of the program. Great stuff.