Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jackson's 3 Year Old Well Check

Jackson's 3 Year Old Well Check Up was pretty traumatic for him. And me. So I guess maybe thats why it has taken me so long to write this post.

But, I am over it (pretty much), and I need to write it, so I can post his 3rd year blog book. You know priorities.

For the fun stuff- Jackson weighs 31.2 pounds (45%), is 37 1/4 inches tall (46%), and his head is in the 42%. So he is JUST RIGHT. This is the first time that he wasn't in the 2%-5% in his weight category. That 2nd year really had him evening out. Big boy.

I went into the appointment with 2 concerns. 1- his speech. Jackson knows ALL words. He can point at almost any object and tell you what it is. He can count to (at the appointment 14), now he is up to 18. He knows all of his colors. And most of his letters. He has a few sentences that he uses often. But, if you want to engage in a conversation with him.. most likely he will not respond. He also still has his own "Jackson language". I know you are not supposed to compare your children.. but I can't help but notice other kids around his age can have more a conversation than he can. So I was concerned. With that being said.... GREAT improvements have been made since Christmas, so I felt better about that.

Secondly, I was concerned about his lack of desire to be potty trained. And although I know it is quite normal for boys to be 3 by the time they potty train, I was still concerned. (showing how old he is)

I knew that Jackson did not loooooove the doctors office, and I knew that he was going to be getting some shots. So I decided we would have a mommy/Jackson date for some pancakes before the doctors appointment. He thought it was so great! And we both had so much fun.

When we got to the doctors, we were holding hands in the parking lot and it was like he realized where he was, and he stopped dead in his tracks. And made me hold him. And not just normal hold him, he wrapped his arms around my neck in a death grip. He stayed that way the entire time while we were checking in, making it a bit difficult for me to pay the copay, and them to get his picture. :) When we finally sat down, far away from most of the crowd (oh how i HATE pediatrician waiting rooms), I was able to get him to relax a bit and we played some Fish School on the iphone. But everytime the nurse would come out to get someone else, he would just start saying "no no no" over and over again. Poor kid... he is evidently more terrified of the doctor than I realized.

Ms. Sarah met me there with McKinley. I was a bit concerned with her soft spot (I am not joking I am WAAAAAY more sensitive and freaked out with my 2nd, than I ever was with Jackson). So, I thought they could just feel it while we had Jackson there.

We finally got called back. Goodness. This is where everything turned to hell. Not an exaggeration. He was screaming BLOODY MURDER when asked to stand on the SCALE. The scale, people. Sarah found some bell, and rang it and we got him interested in it long enough for them to get his weight. And you sure know he wasnt going to stand still and tall enough for them to get his actual height on that machine.. so we had to lay him on the table to get it. Getting blood pressure and temperature... goodness gracious. You would have thought we were killing him. It was awful. AWFUL. They were supposed to do a hearing and sight test.. well those didnt happen.
(In this picture you can see the bell that saved the day, the cup with water that made him feel really cool, and the rosey cheeks that come from screaming bloody murder, and a sweet smile on his face that came only after it was only people he totally trusted being in the room with him)

The PA came in, and tried to talk to Jackson.. he responded in with something that neither one of us understood.. so she jumped RIGHT in.. and said "are you concerned with his speech? i think you should be concerned with his speech". Ok. Yes, I am concerned with his speech. She wanted Jackson to sit on the table and basically have a conversation with her. She wanted to talk about fruit, he wanted to count to 14 and sing "Rain Rain Go Away". She did confirm what I suspected.. most 3 year old are able to respond with many many 4-5 word sentences. She also tried to be encouraging in telling me that speech has nothing to do with intellegence. Its just getting the thoughts that he is having to come out.

So... we are getting him in speech therapy. The schools are required to do it. So, we are getting screened next Monday.It is not ideal but it will be fine. After I spoke with his therapist, I do feel better about it. And I am grateful for free help.

Sarah took the kids and I walked to my car to go to work. Well, I didnt make it to my van before I was crying. Holy cow. What an overwhelming appointment. Now dont get me wrong.. I know we are just talking about speech. I have been in MUCH more overwhelming appointments, but noone wants to go and see a doctor and walk away with them telling you that your kid needs to work on something. All I could think, was that it was not Jackson's fault AT ALL.. that I failed him as a parent. I didnt do something enough... I am telling you lots of stuff went through my mind. So I cried ALL. DAY. LONG.

I am at a better place now. Jackson's speech continues to improve on a daily basis. The truth is our family DID have a TREMENDOUSLY hard year in 2011... basically all of Jackson's 2s... I probably WAS distracted and emotional and I probably DIDNT do everything that I could have done to help Jackson with his speech. I am thankful that we know now, we can get the help that he needs and he can start school (WHAT?!) and not be behind then.

I am proud of my healthy, funny, smart, sweet 3 year old. :)