Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Being Sick And Potty Training

Well some ridiculous cold has been circulating our house. I blame Jump Zone. Craig took Jackson there the Thursday before Jackson first started getting sick (on Sunday). But it could also be the super mild winter and very spring like temperatures with lots of junk floating around in the Oklahoma wind. But regardless.. it is annoying, and would all like it to leave our house.

So on Sunday March 11th, Jackson started running a fever. (Side note.. I thought that I did a good job of documentation of events in my childrens lives through this blog.. however filling out the paper work for Jackson's speech therapy, I have not done an adequate job however.. when did he first put two words together.. I HAVE NO IDEA? So with that being said, I am going to make a conscience effort to do better documenting..) We stayed home from church, thinking that it would be something super quick and he would be up and running the next day.

No such luck. Kiddo was SICK. His cheeks were super super rosey. And all he wanted to do was have me hold him. DEAL. Snuggle time with my first born.. count. me. in. We went ahead an took McKinley to Ms. Sarah's so that Jackson could have my undivided attention, and if we could keep McKinley away from Jackson.. all the better. Jackson and I had a great day... for being sick. We laid around and read books, watched Winnie the Pooh, napped. AND for Jackson, evidently being sick makes you want to do new things... like GO POTTY ON THE BIG BOY POTTY. It was all his idea (which I was told, would make it most successful). He just took me into the bathroom and backed his way up to the toilet. I asked him if he wanted to go potty, so he sat up there and he immediately peed! I WAS SO EXCITED. I had no treats on hand because I was totally not expecting this development, so he had to deal with me squealing, high fiving and happy dancing. Oh and toilet paper.. he would get one square every time he went. The kid loves toilet paper. And he loves flushing the toilet. He went to the potty 3 different times. THEN, while sitting on the potty he told me "I go poo poo". He had gas 3 different times (ok.. this is so much information.. sorry! but I am going to get GOOD at documentation), and then he DID IT! MAJOR CELEBRATION. I was SO SO SO SO proud. We didnt stay in big boy undies all day though because he was sick.. and he was just too tired. But whenever he would pee in his diaper, he would run into the bathroom and flush the toilet. He is so funny.

We are still not forcing it. We are kinda doing it slowly and surely. As soon as we push too hard, I am afraid he will be done with it again for a while. So we are just slowly taking steps. He goes on the potty every day, and does a great job. Of course, it is normally when I am giving McKinley a bath so that both of them need my undivided attention. :)

We are still struggling with the "point it down" method. We are having him sit, because he is not tall enough to stand. And we arent going to be taking a step stool with us everywhere we go... eventually the kid will have to pee in a public place. However, a step stool is a great way to teach him to stand and "shoot" the cheerios. Some moms who have walked these steps before me, have given me some good advice so I will be trying some new things. :)

I can see light at the end of the Jackson diaper tunnel.