Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sibling Love

My kids love eachother. And I love it.

So the other day, McKinley was super cranky.. which meant she needed a nap. She can go from nothing to majorly ticked in .2 seconds. It is amazing really.

I was in her room, rocking her back and forth in front of her fan, because when you get THAT angry THAT quickly, my baby gets HOT! I was trying to calm her down, and Jackson walked in to check on her. I turned to swaddle her (yes, I am SURE we still shouldnt be swaddling her.. but we are.. and it works.. but I do think we should stop soon... ugh), turned on her frog from her Aunt Amy and left the room.

At the same time I was exiting McKinley's room, Craig was coming in from the garage. I asked him where Jackson was.. we could not find him. Craig ran out to the garage (where the garage door was OPEN). You see sometimes Jackson follows Craig out to the garage, but we normally see him right away. We were both afraid that he hadnt noticed Jackson's quiet escape and Jackson was now running along HWY 76.

I was running around inside the house looking in closets, in his tent, in the bathroom, etc. Then I remembered when I closed McKinley's door I had heard a little giggle. I went into her room.

Jackson had climbed INTO McKinley's crib, had pulled a pink blanket over both of them and they were just looking at eachother.. McKinley wearing the BIGGEST grin ever.

So, evidently in my scurry of trying to get McKinley to calm down, I didnt notice Jackson was still in the room. When I closed the door, he saw his perfect opportunity to nap with his sister. :)

Sweet kiddos.


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

that is VERY sweet!!! McKinley looks just like you on this picture!