Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday.

Yep. Its back.

Thats right... I did installments of Weight Loss Wednesday a LONG time ago. And they simply faded away when I really didnt have much to report. :)

Well, as I was ending my pregnancy with McKinley.. I told myself that for the past 2 plus years.. I really hadnt thought much about myself. I was so focused on trying to figure out motherhood, being a wife, keep a house clean, and work.. really I was just trying to stay afloat and have somewhat of a balance in my life. So much so, that I got lazy and really didnt think much about myself.

So I promised myself that after McKinley was born, I was going to do things for myself. And I didnt care how much they cost. (Which is really big talking.. I can not make many decisions without looking at the cost). But anyway, thats what I told myself.

The first thing that I did was have my very fashion forward, trendy, wonderful friend, Alyssa take me shopping for makeup. Let me explain about me and makeup. I want it easy. I want it to take me literally no time. But I want to look put together. That was my goal. So I met Alyssa at Penn Square Mall, and I bought some FABULOUS Bobbi Brown makeup. I love it. And it meets all of my requirements.

The other thing that I needed to focus on, obviously, was my weight. I joined Weight Watchers. And it worked great. I dropped about 20 pounds. And I was feeling great. I was able to get into my pre-pregnancy (with McKinley jeans). This was a big thing. I never got back into my jeans before Jackson. So, I lost my McKinley weight.. now I need to focus on the Jackson weight. (Yes, he is turning 3 in a couple of weeks, dont judge). :) But wouldnt you know... life got really busy again. And I began the trying to stay afloat and keeping a healthy balance in my life.

WELL.... I had been noticing some facebook statuses by different people (some in Newcastle and some in Hot Springs), about this program called Body by Vi. People were having some incredible success. So, I emailed a couple of people. A friend in Newcastle, who came over that day and shared with me a sample, so that I could taste what I would be drinking. And then a friend in Hot Springs, who is a personal trainer. I wanted to know that IF I chose to do this program, that it was safe. I got all the encouragement plus some that I was looking for. The shakes taste literally SO good. And it is healthy for you.

Basically its a meal replacement program. For people like me, who want to lose weight.. you substitute 2 meals a day with a shake. And then you eat a healthy dinner. That was appealing to me. I like to cook for my family. And I could easily substitute the meals for breakfast and lunch and still be able to sit down at the table and eat with my family every night. Perfect. My friend in town, gave me 6 pages of different recipes for the shakes.

I talked with Craig about it, and he got on board with me. I am so excited! My shakes came in on Monday night, so after I got home from dinner with a couple of my friends, Craig and I took our measurements and took our "before" pictures. So that we can track our journey.

I am now on Day 2.. and it has been easier than I expected. I really thought that I would be ravenous. But I am not. You can eat small healthy snacks imbetween if you need to. I didnt between breakfast and lunch. But ate a cutie between lunch and dinner last night. And every shake (all 4), have been DELICIOUS.

Our hope is to follow through with this for 90 days. And then continue with Weight Watchers, which is more of a lifestyle. Obviously, I realize that I am not going to drink 2 shakes for the rest of my life. :)

I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in losing weight to try this program! You can go to and take a look at it! Or feel free to ask me any questions. Craig and I are both super excited!

I'll keep you updated!


Jere and Cara said...

I've heard GREAT things about Body Vii... congrats girl! I am excited to follow your progress. Good luck :)