Thursday, February 9, 2012

Knock Knock Knock

Jackson's vocabulary has been expanding lately. We are THANKFUL. We were getting a bit worried. I know you are not supposed to compare, but I have friends who have children who seriously say words that I dont use regularly. Its quite impressive really. :)

But, as in every area of his life, if you WANT Jackson to do something.. he is just not gonna. He has understood EVERY SINGLE word we have said for the longest time. But will not vocalize himself. Even though, I have believed he has been able to.. he just CHOOSES not to.

That is affirmed to us daily as he says different things. He just kind of looks at us like "see... I'll do it when I want to" Ok.. child. :)

But as he is showing us more of what is going on in his little brain, we sometimes just have to laugh.

For instance, on Sunday, I was making some cake box cookies for the Super Bowl. Jackson did not see me making the cookies, but he came into the kitchen when I was cleaning up and looked in the oven. Side note.. he does this often.. he likes to look at himself in the oven, the dishwasher or even the trashcan (he lays on his stomach in front of the trashcan and looks at himself). :) Anyway, he was looking at himself in the oven and then he saw the cookies. Oh my goodness... he got so excited! He ran into the living room where Craig and McKinley were yelling "COOKIES! COOKIES!" And then he came back into the kitchen. Walked straight over to the oven, knocked on the oven door and said "come in cookies!"

Sweet boy! Made me laugh.


Dara Steward said...

Love it! He's so interesting to me! Going to be a funny guy!