Friday, February 3, 2012

Weight Checks and Sitting

My little 7 monther had another weight check. I really felt like when I brought her into the doctors office she was looking QUITE big. I was thinking she would definitely be at least 14 lbs. I had no reason backing that thought process, other than it sounded right to me.

Well... she got on the scale and I saw a 13, a period and a 5 in my quick glance... so after she got her shot in which she gave a really good cry (equivalent to when I put her arms in shirts.. ) the nurse told me she still was just hanging on to her own little curve. So, I asked, she was 13 1/2 pounds right?

The nurse said "oh no, she is 13 pounds and a half of an ounce". So, I would say we can round that down to 13 pounds. Meaning, this momma was off a pound in my thought process of what she would weigh.

So she is still on her own little track.. not going down but no big gains either. But no worries from the doctors either. So I am happy. :)

THEN... McKinley decided to surprise us ANDSIT! Thats right! We officially have a sitter on our hands. Evidently by 6 months babies "should" be able to sit by themselves. But, as we know.. organs "should" develop inside your body, both ears "should" be developed fully after nearly 40 weeks in utero.. things dont always go according to plan. :)

We have been working on her sitting for a while now.. but she is always too excited and trying to get some place (normally wherever her brother is) to sit still..which would help in our practice sessions. Or she preferred the tripod position. But yesterday, during our practice time.. SHE DID IT!

Jackson and I did a happy dance, took a couple of pictures and then she was done. :)



Emily said...

She is SO cute and tiny. Weird to think that some (huge) babies come out at 13 lbs!

She is so, so, so cute.

Andrea said...

Yay, McKinley!