Thursday, February 2, 2012

I DID IT! (a few Jackson tidbits)

Jackson seems to have (fingers crossed) turned the corner in his fits/outbursts/etc. Dont get me wrong. We still have them. But for the most part, he is an absolute joy. He makes us laugh all the time. In the video- I am not sure what he was SO proud of.. but he kept dancing (towards the mirror to watch himself) and shouting "I did it!"

When I was a kid, my place at the dinner table was across from an armour that had a mirror on it, and I guess I would always look at myself in the mirror. :) So, eventually, my parents had to move me so that I could no longer see myself in the mirror and I could have conversations at dinner. I wasnt so intrigued with how I looked eating.. I guess. Well Jackson seems to have somewhat the same tendencies. He likes to bring his basketball goal in his room, stand on his bed, and shoot the ball.. all the while looking at himself in the mirror. It is really funny!

He has also started yelling "IM OK" anytime he falls down or coughs. I guess he has gotten so used to us saying, "are you ok" when things like that happen. He just answers for us. :)

Last week, when I had to take McKinley to her ear appointment.. Craig and Jackson had to leave the house before McKinley and I. Jackson genuinely was upset that McKinley was not going with him. He cried alot and was mopey all morning until they met me to pick up McKinley. He was then happy the rest of the day. He is just as fond of her, as she is of him.

McKinley has had her first ear infection.. and it has equaled to ALOT of crying. Like in pain crying. So during nap time one day last week, Jackson was in his room, and we thought he was sleeping. About 2 hours passed, of course, McKinley was still not crying.. she had fallen asleep as well. But when I went into Jackson's room when I heard him waking up, he started shouting "SISTER ARE YOU OK?!?!?!" Over. and Over. and OVER. So, I asked him if he wanted to go see his sister. His reply was his new favorite "ALRIIIIGHT". He ran to McKinley's crib, climbed it (I know.. bad habit), and started patting his sisters belly. She woke up fully, got the biggest smile and started her flop like a fish around her bed.

I LOVE their relationship. I LOVE IT!

Jackson loves loves loves sports. All kinds. His favorites are football and basketball. And he loves to read. His new favorites are Sports Illustrated and the party planning magazines that come to the house. He goes through the Sports Illustrated and points out every basketball. And tells us what number they are wearing. There is one basketball guy, who I guess had surgery, so he is showing his belly. So Jackson always "tickles" him. Ha. He points out either Michael Jordan or Joe Paterno and says "daddy". Close.. even though daddy is NOT african american or 90.

And his favorite party in the party magazine is MAX AND RUBY. Lets just say, I am glad this magazine came after I started the planning process of his 3rd birthday... or I think we would be forced to have a Max and Ruby party.... (not really my idea of an ideal birthday party). :)

His favorite song or chorus right now is "rain rain go away"... I try to remind him that rain is Mommy's favorite weather. And in Oklahoma, we really dont want the rain to go away. :)

We sure love our almost THREE YEAR OLD!