Monday, February 6, 2012

Strong Willed Children

I have mentioned our fabulous babysitter before, Mrs. Sarah. We LOOOOOOOOOVE Mrs. Sarah. I, in fact, can not put into words just how much we love her. She is hands down the most perfect person to watch my kiddos. PERFECT! In fact, whenever we choose to sell our house and move from Newcastle, she is just going to have to move with us. I am not kidding.

I got this text from her today- and I had to share. It made me laugh. I sometimes think people may think I am exaggerating the personalities of my children. I. Am. NOT.

"So let me just start by saying that I adore your children!!! I miss them when I am not with them and love to leave their stuff out so it wont seem like it will be long before they are back. Let me also say that i have seen and worked with sooooooo many little ones since I was little (my mom watched kids for a few years to stay home with us.) I have taught Bible class for little ones on and off for about 15 years, worked at an afterschool program in high school, babysat through college, taught preschool age for the last 4 years and wee worship at church for 5. All that to say, I have never met any child as strong willed as your two PRECIOUS babies. Lol. I thought Jackson had a good dose of stubborn in him, but I think your daughter might have him beat. :)"

Now how to figure out how to parent the strong willedness to be a positive..... :)


Andrea said...

Haha! That made me laugh! My husband was one of those - his Kindergarten teacher called him "determined" and told his mom that if she could channel that in the right direction, he'd never stray. And you know what? She was right. Of course, now I get to be blessed by raising his three (soon to be four) strong willed,excuse me determined, children along with him! ;)