Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"I'm OK, I'm OK"

(I am not sure why this picture is so small... oh well!)

Sweet Jackson story, that I do not want to forget.

Remember, we are still working on obedience (I think it might be a life long lesson).. and we are also working on communicating our feelings through words instead of fits.

I got the following text from our babysitter, Sarah yesterday.

Sarah- I hurt Jacksons feelings and I swear I felt like the meanest person on Earth!!!!
(Side note: Sarah is THE SWEETEST person on the Earth... no mean bone in her body, literally)

Me- Ha! What happened?

Sarah- He was eating and kept dumping and playing with his applesauce. I told him no twice and on the third time I said in a very stern voice "Jackson I said no". His chin started quivering, he covered his eyes and that was after he gave me the saddest look ever given. Then he started saying to himself.... "I'm ok, I'm ok". It was the cutest and saddest thing ever"