Monday, February 27, 2012

McKinley Beth- 8 Months

Our little McKinley turned 8 months on February 21st! I havent had time to get up her monthly blog until now, since we have been so busy celebrating her sweet brother!
She is sitting up better now! However, she really has no desire to do it, or do it for very long. She really just wants to be on the move. She is trying her hardest to get crawling down. Right now, she more just high centers on her belly.. and rocks back and forth.

I am making her baby food. And she loves it. I have not introduced many fruits yet.. but plan to make some today. She likes her veggies. I am planning on introducing some new veggies this month as well.

She is cutting teeth. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am sure that it really does hurt. But, she does not handle the pain well at all. We have not really slept the past 2 weeks in our house. It is MUCH worse than when she was a newborn. She wakes up screaming.. unconsolable. I try to remind her that she has been through much much worse. It doesnt change her reaction. :) It could be a long year, if this is her reaction to all of her teeth being cut. Yay. :)

McKinley is a very social baby. She gets VERY excited when people come over, or if she is in big crowds. She kind of thrashes around in excitement like a fish out of water. Its pretty funny!

It was our first month to not have to go the pedi go have a weight check. But I definitely think she has grown. We are finishing up her last size 1 diapers. And will move up to size 2 soon! 0-3 month pants still fit her the best in the waist. But are too short. So she is wearing more of her 3-6 month pants. Her 3-6 month dresses are starting to get a bit too short.. so we know she is growing! YAY! We are thankful for our little miracle baby! And love watching her little personality change and develop every day!!!


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

What a beautiful baby girl! She is so photogenic, always looks perfect in every picture!!!