Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Have An Eater!

At McKinley's 5 month weight check, we got the ok to start her on rice cereal and even veggies and fruit. We have been putting rice cereal in her bottles since we got the ok, and she has done really well. I think it has also helped with her spitting up issues. She has had a couple of tummy issues, I think just from figuring out how to digest the rice cereal. We decided that yesterday, we would introduce some veggies.
And she LOVED it! I made all of Jackson's baby food, and that is my plan for McKinley, as well. But my sweet friend, Melinda gave us some of the leftover baby food that she had from her son, so we used some squash she gave us to see how McKinley would do. It was so nice to have!
Jackson was very interested in watching McKinley being a big girl. He was very proud of her, and he really wanted to try the baby food.. he got alittle pouty when we would not let that happen. She probaby ate 1/3 to 1/2 of the container in her first attempt! She would kind of suck the squash off the spoon, and although she would spit alittle out, she did really really well!
When she woke up from her late afternoon nap, we tried a second serving and she knew exactly what it was this time, and was SO SO happy to eat! We are so proud of our little girl! She is growing so fast!!!!


Dara Steward said...

Wow Danielle! She is doing so good! Love the picture of the three of you! Yay McKinley!

mgoff said...

That is so great danielle!!! This should make you feel so good! I can't believe she is big enough to eat food!! But hudson will be there before we know it!

Emily said...

She is darling. Glad she loved it!

Is her hair darker than Jackson's? I think so but can't tell for sure.

Missy said...

Precious! I can't wait until Caleb gets to start taking rice- I think it's going to make a huge difference for him!