Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Turkeys

We had such a GREAT (ish) Thanksgiving weekend!

McKinley loved loved her first Thanksgiving! She got to hang out with all of her favorite people all day long. Our little family in the morning, Craig's side of the family during the afternoon, and then my family in the evening. She celebrated with alittle mixture of rice cereal and karo syrup in her her bottle with her formula. YUMMY!
And this cute little turkey looooooved his corn at his Uncle Kurt and Aunt Amy's. And loooooooved the fruit salad at his Honey and Papa's. He was such a good boy all day long! He even got to end the day with a slumber party at his Honey and Papa's. What a treat (for everyone involved!)
Friday, we all left to head to Dallas to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. It was great to be able to get together with everyone! Our family is growing! This was McKinley's first time to meet everyone, including her Great- Grandmother. So that was very special. One of my cousin's is expecting their first baby in February. And 2 of my other cousin's have new fiance's that we all love. Its definitely an exciting time. Although it was a very special time to all be together.. it was a VERY hard weekend on Jackson. He reverted to some of his actions from a couple of months ago. RIDICULOUS fit throwing. It was really really really embarrassing. It came across as though Craig and I had ZERO control of our child.. which I guess in reality, was the truth, at least for this weekend. As soon as we got home, he was back to his sweet self. He just kept hugging us and holding our hands and saying "love you". Craig and I talked about it, we really think he was overwhelmed with the number of people he did not know.. and the fact that he was not the center of attention the whole time. So, when he felt like he needed attention he would do things (fits), that he knew he wasnt supposed to. When he would throw those fits at home, we could ignore him.. but of course, we couldnt do that with 12 other people in the house. Ugh. So. So. So. frustrating. Needless to say, we could not leave Texas fast enough.. not that we werent loving spending time with our family (actually wishing we could have more time), but needing to get our child back to normal.

And THEN, when we got home.. McKinley refused to sleep in her room. That NEVER happens. And what we came up with her, was that, when we were in Dallas, we left alittle light on in the bathroom, so that Craig and I could see both of the pack and plays while we were there. So, when she got home, and her room was super dark (like normal), she didnt like it anymore. Again.. so so strange.

Who knew ONE weekend away could throw everything off like it did. I am sure it will be back to normal in no time... but until then.. Craig and I NEED our sleep! :)