Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He May Look Like His Daddy....

My son may look alittle like his Daddy. But he is definitely my son as well. Some might say that he gets his dramatic side from me... but I blame his daddy for that quality. :)

One thing that definitely got passed down from me is my gag reflex. Gross, I know. I dont know if you remember when Jackson first started eating, I would try bananas and avocados. All of the books said babies liked those foods and they are easy to eat. So I would try. Jackson H.A.T.E.D them. Not only did he hate them, he would throw up after eating them. I am not talking just alittle spit up.. or spitting the food out.. I mean.. empty his entire stomach. Gross.

It wasnt until Fresh Beat Band started singing songs about bananas, did Jackson start asking about bananas. He now loves them. I blame the texture before. Textures get me.. just thinking about certain foods make me kinda need to throw up in my mouth.

Well, Jackson had a little bit of a rough day at Mrs. Sarah's today.

I got this text from Sarah while I was at work: "You would have been dying laughing if you would have just been here. So I am feeding M babyfood and J kept wanting some. So after she was done I let him have a bite. He took a pea size bite and made a yucky face and then threw up EVERY WHERE!!!! He kept throwing up and Jeremy (her husband) ran over to him and threw up all over him so all three of us were gagging. Also I told you about the bucket I took off his head. Well he put it back on and we almost had to cut it off. He was really freaked out. It was very sad. "

OH MY WORD. Poor Sarah and Jeremy. Throw up is gross anytime. But its one thing when it is your baby.. its something totally different when it is not your kid. I am SO SO SO thankful that Sarah loves my babies.

However, she is right. I laughed hard. I felt sorry for them. But I laughed. Only my son. :)