Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McKinley Beth- 6 Months

McKinley Beth is SIX months old. What a special six months it has been!!! I have been feeling really overwhelmed with God's goodness towards our family, especially with this gift. She is just such a blessing. We all love her so much!

We took her for her six month well visit a week before she was actually six months old.. which is evidently a problem in the medical world. You would think because they do the scheduling they would know that.. so, I left the appointment a bit frustrated. We went ahead and had her well visit, but have to go back to get her shots. A total inconvenience. But the good news was that McKinley is doing great. Although she is still not on the growth curve, she is making her own little curve.. right under the real one. So the doctors are not concerned, because she is still tracking in the right direction. She weighs 12 1/2 pounds. And is 25 inches long (the 20%). She is our petite little girl.

She is doing most things right on time developmentally, other than sitting on her own. She does great, assisted, especially in the high chair or bumbo. But when we try and work with her, and have her holding our hands, it is like her little bottom is a ball. I really dont think she is very close to sitting unassisted, but we will continually work with her.

She is my little dry skinned baby. Jackson, always had sensitive skin, so we were careful about what detergents and soaps we used. But McKinley is WAY sensitive. She has exema pretty bad, especially behind her knees and in the creases of her arms. We thought she had cradle cap, but she was scratching it alot.. so we figured it was itching. And cradle cap doesnt itch. So we think some of the exema is in her scalp as well. They gave us some ideas to try, and I think they are working. It is definitely something we will have to remain diligent in.
McKinley is still a very sweet baby girl. She still loves to talk and likes to talk loudly. She has started really chewing on her fingers, but I have yet to see any teeth coming through. She likes eating her baby food, although she wont eat much at one time. She still thinks her brother is absolutely the funniest person ever! McKinley does get into a pretty cranky mood around 5 or 5:30 everyday. The only things that really calm her, are music or going into her room, turning on the fan and the lamp and rocking while holding her very close.

We sure treasure each of days with our sweet baby girl!


Angela said...

What a sweet girl! Your comment about my house seeming calm cracked me up! Especially since I was reading it while my kids (both of them) were literally jumping from the coffee table onto the sofa. =) I guess we have our moments and I managed to catch a couple!

Erin said...

She is beautiful!

The Austins said...

She is a beautiful girl!! What a blessing to see how God has worked so many miracles in her first 6 months!