Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

What a GREAT Christmas we had. We are so tremendously blessed. On Christmas Eve Eve, Craig's mother came over for a red beans and rice dinner. She brought her real brother and his son (so Craig's real uncle and cousin) along with her. This was our first time to meet Fred and Russell, as Jan and Fred just reconnected for the first time over Thanksgiving since 1956. When Jan's mother died shortly after she was born, her father put the 3 youngest (of the 5 siblings) in the Baptist Childrens Home in OKC. All three were adopted out to different families. Of course, there is much more to the story.. but it was pretty overwhelming to see them reunited after such a long time. They both had just a giddy excitement being together again. Really. Really. neat.
On Christmas Eve morning, we went over to Kurt and Amy's for a Christmas Eve brunch. It was delicious as always and such a good time with family. (Sadly, no pictures). And then on Christmas Eve, we went to Edmond and had heavy appetizers for dinner before the Christmas Eve service at FBC Edmond. And then back to my parents house to open presents with Ward and Reese. Again, such a special time. We are blessed with such wonderful family!

Santa came to see Jackson and McKinley. They must have been REALLY good this year. Jackson got his big boy room, complete with a big bed and his very own tent! Jackson's Aunt Judy got him the tent, but she talked to Santa and had him set it up for him so it would be all ready on Christmas morning! He also got some fun things in his stocking, a BIG coloring book and a Thunder shirt.

McKinley also got a really cute girly Thunder shirt (Santa must be as excited as we are that the NBA lockout is over), and a new canvas for her room. The canvas is PERFECT because due to all the earthquakes that Oklahoma has been having (what!??!), the decorations on the shelf over her crib were just a bit too dangerous for her parents liking. :) She also got some new paci's and rattles in her stocking.
Jackson had to sleep in his sisters room on Christmas Eve, because Santa had let us in on his secret to transform Jackson's bedroom. Luckily, he was so worn out from such a fun day, going to sleep in a different room was NO problem. He was SO excited to see his new room. He RAN straight to his new tent.
He thought the windows were so great. He could see his very own big boy bed.
He quickly took off all the really cute decorative pillows that Santa so carefully picked out for his bed and climbed right in. He was ready to snuggle!!!
McKinley loved her goodies too, but was a little confused about what all the excitement was for.
Jackson wanted EVERYONE to come to his big boy bed and snuggle. Especially his Honey, Papa and Raley. If they tried to leave the room, he would quickly follow, grab their finger and say "come on honey.. come on papa" Sweet sweet boy.
On Christmas night, Craig's brothers and their families came over to our house for a yummy pasta bar and presents. Everyone was so generous and had such a fun time in each other company.

We are SO SO SO SO thankful for our families. We are so thankful that we live close enough that our children have a relationship with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It is so wonderful to see!!!

Merry Merry Christmas indeed!


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

What a neat story about Craigs' mom and brother! How awesome!!

Jackson's room is adorable, I was so excited to see what you would come up with! Looks great!

And McKinley's canvas... beautiful!!!

Glad you all had such a great Christmas!