Tuesday, November 22, 2011

McKinley Beth- 5 Months

Our little girl is FIVE months old! She has such a sweet sweet spirit.
She is happy the MAJORITY of the time. She has the prettiest smile and the sweetest laugh. We hear her laugh the most, when her brother is around. She thinks he is the funniest person in the world. Her 0-3 month clothes fit her the best, BUT, the majority of her fall and winter clothes are 3-6 months, so thats what she wears.. and they are pretty big, especially in the waist. But she always looks really cute. :) She does not love tummy time, but she does really well with lifting her head and looking around. She has excellent head control. And is willing to put weight on her feet when standing. She has rolled from her front to her back and is so so close from her back to her front. That silly arm just gets in the way.. she scoots alot of places. I will put her on her play mat and before I know it, she is well off it.
Sometimes she can get a bit serious. And sometimes even sad. We have started adding rice cereal to her bottles, and I really think its going to help her put on some pounds. However, it has "clogged" her up a bit.. so we have had some sad sad moments. Not only can our sweet girl talk REALLY loud, she can cry REALLY loudly.
I ADORE my baby girl. What a blessing she is!


mgoff said...

so i think she looks like jackson in these photos? She is definitely looking older!