Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kids Bathroom

The way our house is now, the kids bathroom is also the bathroom that our friends and family use when they come over.

It was decorated with a super cute black and white shower curtain that we registered for when we got married. And although, I loved it.. I figured we needed something alittle more kid friendly, while still being guest friendly.

I found a shower curtain from Anthropologie that was PERFECT! It was in shades of blues and greens (boyish enough), and had ruffles (girlish enough). I fell in love with it, and knew that it would be just perfect for the look that I wanted for that room.

We have family in Baton Rouge, and when they ask for gift ideas for the kids, we always try to come up with something that will be a conversation piece allowing us to talk more about our family down there. Even though we dont get to see them that often, they are very important to us, and we want our children to know all about them. :) So, when my fabulous Aunt Judy asked what she could get McKinley when she was born, we thought of this shower curtain. She was generous enough to get it..and we couldnt be more happy with how everything has turned out! We have lots of bathtub discussions about Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry, Jodi, Macey Claire, Stovall, Jay, Keila, Jerry, Elizabeth and Andrew. We love them all LOTS!!!

Again, I wanted Jackson and McKinley to like their bathroom.. but I didnt want our friends and family to feel like they were too much in "kiddie land".. aka.. I really didnt want a theme. I found some wall art on Etsy that I liked. And then I talked to my super talented long distance cousin, Laura (I really dont know what level of cousin we are.. but I know we are cousins because we go to the same family reunions.).. anyway, she is wonderful and talented and she designs paper goods. She designed something PERFECT for the bathroom.. it was JUST what I had in mind. You should check her out at Butler Paper Print - you wont be disappointed. I have now ordered a word birth announcement for McKinley's room and a friends baby shower invitations and they are ALL GREAT!
On the wall across from the toilet was an empty wall, we used to have a piece of furniture that we kept extra towels and some picture frames for decoration on, that was my Memaws... but we have since moved it into McKinley's room to serve as a book case. It is a perfect fit, in there, as well. After looking on my favorite, Pinterest, I saw this idea and decided it was what I wanted to do on the empty wall.
Those SURE are some CUTE kids, if I do say so myself!!!! :)

Thanks Aunt Judy and Laura Butler for helping make our kids/guest bathroom so perfect!!!


mgoff said...

It turned out super cute!

Laura said...

Aw, thanks for all the love! I love the frames you picked, and I even more love how the whole bathroom turned out! You have such amazing style!!!