Thursday, October 27, 2011

He Cracks Me Up

Ok.. this first picture of my first born isnt funny at all. In fact, it was the first time as a mother that I thought that I am REALLY going to need to toughen up to be a mom of an active little boy. Jackson was simply sitting on the floor (on his knees), next to his big chair from Pottery Barn.. he was singing and dancing (swaying back and forth) and somehow hit his head on the corner of our PADDED coffee table. Immediately this welped up... he cried for a bit.. but he definitely cried ALOT harder and ALOT longer when I attempted to put ice on the injury. Gracious..... we were thankful that it turned into a goose egg right away.. but it definitely made me sick to my stomach.
Jackson's grandmother comes over every once in a while for dinner. And normally she brings the kids some clothes that she has picked out. I had mentioned that I would like a peacoat for Jackson for the winter. That is one of the staples that I havent bought him yet... couldnt find it at the JBF sale.. so I just havent bought one yet. Well according to my mother in law, they havent put the heavy stuff out in the store yet... but she brought him this fake leather coat that has a grey hoodie attached. It will be a fine play coat. :) Anyway, Jackson LOVED it. He put it on as soon as we would let him. He had to have the hood on the whole time. And he would walk around with his hands clasped together.. I am guessing so we wouldnt take it off of him. As soon as he woke up the next morning he rushed to find it and put it on again. So cute.Just like hoods/hats etc.. the boy likes to accessorize. My sweet friend, Amy came and spent a Saturday with me that Craig had to work. Jackson LOVED going through her purse. (It is wrapped around his neck), and he refers to it as his back pack. He also has a lanyard from her church around his neck. He was carrying around her gift cards from her birthday and her keys. He was ready. to. go. Oh, and of course, he had to wear her sunglasses, as well. He stayed like this for at least the last hour that she was over and he had a MAJOR breakdown when we had to give everything back. My sweet boy loves hats.. and now when I think about it, I wish he had discovered his new favorite "hat" before the first picture.. it might have saved us from the huge goose egg. Jackson's Uncle Kurt and Aunt Amy bought him this floatie when they took him swimming over the summer. Jackson recently rediscovered it and put it directly on his head. He even made sure all the strings went around his eyes and nose. He seriously makes me laugh out loud sometimes.

What a blessing he is.


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

What a funny boy!!!! I wish I could be around him more!!!

Erin said...

Funny boy you've got there! Love the 'hat'...! ;)