Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat

Introducing: Our precious Very Hungry CatepillarIs she not the cutest little catepillar, you have ever seen?!?!

We decided on this costume for our sweet McKinley, because of the stage of life she is in. :) First of all, this is definitely the only year I can put her in a bunting.. and its just so sweet and snuggly.. I couldnt not.. there will be plenty of opportunities for this sweet girl to be in cute tutus. :)

But even more importantly, everyday we are striving for this sweet little girl to gain weight. SO, we found this costume very appropriate for our little miracle baby. Introducing: Our Cute Little Cup O' Mac and CheeseWe decided on this costume for Jackson for a couple of reasons as well. I struggle with boy costumes, in general.. I just dont find them that cute. And I really wanted to choose something that when he does have an opinion about his costume, that he would not choose. Meaning, I dont want to dress him up as a baseball player, until he loves baseball and wants to dress up like his favorite pitcher (for example). Or, if one day he decides he loves some certain super hero.. then he can make the decision to dress like him. And I would say, a cup of mac and cheese is a pretty safe bet that he wont choose it again. :)Secondly, Jackson is a pretty decent eater, when he wants to be. I think he is like alot of kids, where one day he will eat everything in site and the next day he will not touch anything. He is also pretty finicky, in that one day he will LOVE a certain food, but the next time we try it, he wont touch it. But one food that is pretty consistent is Mac and Cheese, well and salad.. but I didnt feel like dressing him up as a piece of lettuce. :)We took the kids trick or treating in Edmond. We started out at a couple of houses in my parents neighborhood, and then took him to a couple of my friends houses that live up there, and then finished at Craig's brothers house. Jackson definitely enjoyed the candy. However, he didnt really understand the concept of walking to the front door, saying trick or treat, showing off his costume, getting candy and leaving. Instead, the whole way up the driveway, he would say trick or treat and would stop as soon as we would get to the front door. Instead of taking the candy.. he would push through the people who were handing out the candy, walk INTO their house and attempt to sit on their couches. When we would wrangle him back out of the house, ask him to say Thank You, he would act like he didnt hear us, until we started back down the drive way, he would say thank you, over and over again. :) It was a good thing we only went to people's homes that knew us.

It was a great Halloween for our little family of four!


Emily said...

Cute little McKinley's costume is the softest, most comfy baby costume I've ever seen. I'm sure she was much more snuggly than all those bedazzled babies out there.

Your right -- you might be nearing the end of the time you can pick Jackson's costume. I bet he'll have strong opinions by next year already -- your season of superheros, Cars, and Thomas costumes might soon begin! ;)

Emily said...

Your = you're. Had to correct... I'm just anal like that.

Casa Cannon said...

found through mindy. :) the pics are sooo cute.. great great costumes!