Thursday, July 21, 2011

McKinley Beth- ONE MONTH OLD

McKinley Beth is ONE MONTH old. How can it be?! It seems like we were preparing for her arrival forever.. and then she made her arrival and God showed His great healing powers in our daughter and she has been home with us for 2 weeks and is thriving!!!
She had her weight check today, and she has gained 11 oz in the past 14 days!! She is all the way up to 6 lbs 11 oz. I am so proud of her. She even went up alittle in her percentile from 2.3% to 2.5%. We are definitely on the right track. Now, if we could just figure out bottles that she would like as much as she likes her hospital bottles.

McKinley is an easy going baby. She LOVES to be held. She definitely prefers Craig or I to be holding her, and she knows when we switch off with family and friends. She will eventually relax, but it takes a bit of time. As I mentioned, she is pretty particular.. she only likes the hospital bottles. Which wouldnt be a problem, except they only hold 60 ccs (2 oz).. she is eating more than that now, so we just have to feed her more than one bottle. This means for me, if I am not feeding McKinley or pumping, I am cleaning bottles. :) But, thats ok.. as long as she is eating.

She really enjoys her swing, and LOVES watching the mobile. She is very interested in her hands and loves to put them over her head, much like what her brother would do. She is a noisy sleeper. We will be transitioning her to her big girl crib (she has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room), this weekend. I think everyone will sleep better.

Her eyes are still a really deep blue. And she still has VERY dark hair, it is pretty thick in the back. I am not super sure where the dark hair came from, unless it was from her Honey. :)

She sometimes looks like her brother (especially when she is mad), but overall, I really think she looks like her own little person. People ask me if she looks like my baby pictures, I dont really think so.. but I cant remember, HA! So I am planning on looking when we visit my parents house this weekend.

This cute little boy sure loves his little sister. The first thing he does when he wakes up is look for his "baby". He is very concerned when she cries, and always wants to make sure she has her paci and blanket. He loves to hold her, however, he wants to hold her the way HE wants to.. which normally looks more like a headlock. We have had to start watching him more closely when she is in the swing, he attempts to go and pick her up out of the swing. So so so sweet.. yet so so so dangerous. :)
I know Jackson will be VERY ready to show his sister all the ropes as soon as he can! :)

What a blessing these 2 are.


Andi said...

Thanks for the update! Glad it is going so great.

Laura said...

Those are some cute kids! I can't believe how big Jackson is getting!

mgoff said...

Yes, as I told Chris--McKinley really hasn't found her LOVE for aunt Mindy yet! She totally will though! So glad things are going so well!

Kat said...

I love it. My little Peanut was only just over 6 lbs when she was born and 6 when she left the hospital. She's almost 6 months (tomorrow she will be 6 months!) and she's just barely over 12 lbs (although we'll know the real weight Saturday). So cute! Happy 1 month!

Christy said...

Coleman tried to pick Walker up out of the swing when he was a week old, but he only picked up his head. I was right behind him, but WOW, they are fast. lol! :) Thank goodness Walker weighs so much I don't think Coleman could pick him up, even if he tried. Glad she's gaining & doing so well!