Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Jackson

Being a VERY busy 2 year old, and having a new baby sister has made life a BIT interesting for our sweet little boy.
He has had lots of fun eating chocolate pudding in his diaper on the back porch while Daddy sets up the sprinkler. He has laughed ALOT.He has played in the sprinkler a ton, due to the ridiculous heat in Oklahoma this summer. (However, now all sprinkler time has to be saved for Honey and Papa's house.. due to the ridiculous water rationing rules of our city)

He has turned into his own version of a tornado when upset with Mommy and Daddy waaaaay too many times, causing us to make some serious evaluations of our discipline methods (which are obviously NOT working well).And then when he does decide its time to give up and go to sleep, he takes his blanket and heads to the closet instead of his bed......
No matter how many two year old temper tantrums, mini tornadoes through his room, this is still one of my most favorite faces ever. Love this sweet boy. :)


mgoff said...

oh my goodness! 100% boy!