Friday, July 1, 2011

McKinley Beth: Day 11

Oh my goodness. I am so in love with this precious little face. She sure has stolen our hearts!

Sweet McKinley had another good day. Our day started with Dr. Keckler coming by with his new little ducklings (aka residents) to check on our baby girl. He told me that they were proud of McKinley and were not worried at all about the amount that she is eating. I asked him about the TPN (I had been told that Ped Surg's philosophy about TPN, was that they kept their babies on it until they were at full feedings). I was worried that she was thinking that she was full, because of the TPN and was not willing to eat more food. Dr. Keckler told me that they would finish the bag that she had today, and would not refill it. YAY! So at 3 pm, she was done with her TPN. They kept her PICC line in, just in case they need it again, but as of right now, nothing is attached to it! YAY!!!!

During the day, McKinley would scream bloody murder... ok, lets talk about her scream. It is loud. It is powerful. But, it does not bother me at all. In fact her strong cry brings me joy. I can just remember a week ago, when my baby girl was in so much pain, that she was trying to cry and she couldnt because it hurt her so bad. Her strong cry means that she is feeling better to me. So, I am thankful for her cry.

So, she would scream. And I mean scream... because she would get hungry. We would take her temp, change her diaper, listen to her heart and belly and start feeding her. She would take about 25 cc's.. and then....
She would fall fast asleep. I mean, fast asleep. (How cute is this face!) So we would attempt to get her to wake up to finish more bottle. Some times we would get a couple more cc's.. but eventually...we would just give up the bottle and just enjoy mommy/daughter snuggle time. I didnt get to hold her for a long time.. I have some serious snuggle time to catch up on.

Craig has to work some this weekend, so my parents so generously offered to watch Jackson for us, so that I could spend the weekend at the hospital. So after Craig took J to my parents house, we used a groupon and had dinner together. It was so nice to be able to sit and catch up. Although we have seen each other this week, it is always a short time and we are busy getting Jackson ready for bed and trying to spend as much time with him as possible in the short amount of time we have. So, our dinner was a much needed time. But as soon as we got to the restaurant, Betty (our nurse) called and told me that McKinley had eaten 40 cc's for her!!!!!!! YAY! Way to go McKinley and Nurse Betty!!!!!

Craig is back at the hospital for a couple of hours to catch up on his snuggle time with his baby girl!

Please keep praying for McKinley to be hungry. And for her to be able to stay awake to take her full feedings. Please also pray for her weight. Because they took her off of the TPN, we are prepared that she could lose some weight.. but if she will take her full feedings, she should be able to gain quickly. Remember, both of these are very critical to bringing her home... which is what we desire!

Thanks friends... your prayers are working!


Leslie said...

She is so precious. Thank you so much for the updates. We will continue to pray.

Steve Bullard said...

She is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her!

Kinsey said...

She is looking great! Wow. Children's resiliency amazes me. She is beautiful. I love reading about her.

Erin said...

That little face--oh my goodness! So precious.

mgoff said...

Yea! Off of TPN, lets hope this is the trick! Praying for a hungry and not so sleepy girl today!