Thursday, June 30, 2011

McKinley Beth: Day 10

How sweet is my baby girl!

McKinley had another good day. She is gaining weight.. she is up to 5 lbs 13.1 oz. This is one important step in coming home. She is still making dirty diapers, which is the 2nd important step in coming home.

The final step in coming home is tolerating full feeds. Which evidently for McKinley is going to be around 70 cc's. This sounds like a HUGE amount for our little girl. I let our fellow know that I felt that way too, "from my non medical prospective". The best way for me to describe McKinley's eating habits is "sleepy". She can get 15-20 cc's down and then she falls asleep. We will burp her and then she will get hiccups. And then she will drink some more. Today, she would end up drinking between 36-45 cc's. Which is good... but makes me a little nervous about how in the world we are going to get her to be taking 70 cc's anytime soon. SO when you pray tonight.. please pray that somehow McKinley gets really interested in eating. Overall, she is doing REALLY well... McKinley was ready to eat when she was born, and we couldnt let her. Now, we want her to, and have given her 3 days.. and she is doing well. We are just ready to bring her home.. and her goal looks really far away for me, as her mom.

Craig and I are really tired. Physically, I feel exhausted. Jackson's favorite thing in the world is being at home with Craig and I.. and he obviously is struggling that we dont have this time together. Not to mention, I really believe that McKinley will do even better at home.

We are so proud of McKinley and how hard she is working. She is such a little fighter. Please continue to pray for her progress in eating. And pray for rest and energy for Craig and I. And pray for understanding and patience for Jackson.

It wont be long til my family is all home together.


Erin said...

Still praying for you guys--thanks for giving us specific things to lift up for you.

Andi said...

So glad you are giving us daily updates. Believe it or not this is the first time I've looked at my computer since Sunday. Glad she is doing well. Will continue to pray for your little fighter!