Wednesday, June 29, 2011

McKinley Beth- Day 9

Another good day for my sweet baby girl.

So when I wrote yesterday, McKinley was taking 15 cc's of breast milk. Last night she started taking 30 cc's. 30 cc's = 1 ounce. She did a great job. She did spit up a couple of times, but was able to keep the whole feeding down a couple of times also. She also made dirty diapers almost every time. So encouraging.

When the doctors rounded this morning, Dr. Keckler went ahead and upped her feedings to 45 cc's of breast milk. This is HUGE! I really felt like the doctors want McKinley to be able to go home, just like Craig and I want to bring her home. They also decided to take her off the lipids that she was getting. She is still getting her TPN (which is the nutrients and calories that she has been receiving since Day 1). Evidently the Ped Surg philosophy is they want their babies to be on TPN until they are tolerating full feedings (which I think for McKinley will be 60 cc's or 2 ounces). Their philosophy also is that we should offer these feedings, even if McKinley is not taking them all. They feel like these babies will eat when they are ready. So with that being said, although McKinley got the "ok" to have 45 cc's... she was only really willing to drink around 30 cc's. She likes to eat and she has caught on to the technique.. but she does fall asleep very easily when she eats. She is struggling with gas pains.. so we have to do alot of stopping and resting.

There are a couple things that we hear alot from the nurses about our baby girl. First, is how pretty she is. Which, of course, we could NOT agree more. (We are fully aware that they probably tell every parent this.... however, we REALLY think she is the prettiest baby girl in the NICU). The second is that our baby girl definitely knows what she wants and what she doesnt want, she is a bit sassy and has alittle bit of attitude. We have NO idea where she gets that personality trait. :)

We obviously believe in the power of prayer, and appreciate your prayers for our baby girl! We are humbled and blown away by the support our family has been shown. This blog is being read by people all over the country, and prayers for our baby girl are being lifted up. THANK YOU!

When you pray tonight, please pray for McKinley's belly. Everything is working great, but she is having so many gas pains, we really think that is what is limiting her eating. Please pray that her belly feels better, so she can more easily tolerate her feeds. Pray that she starts gaining weight. And pray that we can bring her home soon. We really believe she will flourish even more when she can be home.

We are so in love. So. In. LOVE.


mgoff said...

She is adorable! LOVE her outfit today by the way!

Mike Keahbone said...

Praying for that baby's belly!!!!

piper. said...

danielle, i have been SO happy to read about all of the amazing progress and blessings for mckinley! she is beautiful and i love that she is already so headstrong - a trait that will serve her well :) we will keep praying for y'all and look forward to hearing about the GREAT day of her homecoming!