Saturday, July 2, 2011

McKinley Beth: Day 12

Day 12 started out a bit frustrating. I let myself sleep in. I thought the doctors would round a bit later because it was the weekend (that was our experience last weekend), and I was just so exhausted. I can not tell you how much I needed that extra hour and a half.

Well I get to McKinley's room, and her nurse did not impress me AT ALL at first. The first thing she said to me was "Ped Surg came by and they are concerned. She is losing weight and they wanted to put her back on TPN, but I suggested a small feeding tube that would go down her nose into her belly. It will be uncomfortable for her while I am putting it down, but it wont hurt after" She proceeded to say "Most babies eat best for their parents, so you NEED to be here as much as you can today, so she will eat"

Ummmmm.... it took every bit of my self control to be nice at this moment. Lady.. I am by my childs bedside at least 10 hours a day, EVERY day since she has been in the hospital. I am NOT one of those parents who do not come to see their child.. do NOT talk to me like that. I was fuming. But I kept my mouth shut. Until later. But I had cooled off some at that point. :)

BUT, what we did do at the beginning of the morning, was let her feed on demand. So within 2 hours, she ate 65 ccs!!! The rest of the day, we were able to get her to take her full 45 cc's with NO problem. One of my best friends from OBU, Stacy, came and spent the day with me. She has been a NICU nurse ever since we graduated, so I consider her quite the expert on babies. She helped me alot today, and it was nice to have her encouragement.

So overall, our day was focused on feeding. And when I left I felt much more confident about her eating abilities. Craig and I met for dinner down in the cafeteria, and I was able to give him the run down on what worked for us, so that he and the night nurse could continue the work with McKinley!

Please keep praying for her. She really is doing so well. Its hard work to eat. :) Especially when you werent allowed to for so long. Pray that she keeps eating well, and continually makes improvement. Please pray that she does not lose any more weight. Although a small feeding tube would not be the end of the world, I just feel like it would be step in the wrong direction.

Thanks friends.


The Breedings said...

I'm so glad to read M's daily progress! And the strength of you and your 2 men is so very encouraging. Can't wait to read the blog that says you're bringing her home! patiently praying with you that It is soon and that she hungrily desires sustenance!

Kendra said...

I read the daily updates and I am delighted to hear of her continued improvements. I pray for your family many times a day. I learned when my daughter was in the PICU there that I am her advocate so I asked questions and spoke up when my gut was telling me to.