Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Taking a good (focused) picture of my sweet little boy, is near impossible these days. He is just way too busy to stop for a picture. For instance, if you didnt know, your mother's necklace is really a delicious treat, especially when you are cutting your 2 year old molars!

Craig, Jackson and McKinley made sure that I had a very special Mothers Day. My allergies have been absolutely horrible, and I was in bed basically all day the Saturday before Mothers Day. I woke up feeling better, but not great on Mothers Day. We spent the majority of the day resting, which was PERFECT for me! Working more for me, plus being in the 3rd trimester, plus just not feeling well.. resting was a gift in itself!

My very first Mothers Day, all I wanted for lunch was Jimmys Egg... well we didnt have a pastor at the time, so the man who was filling the pulpit that Sunday was not one of my favorites (to say the least), and by the time he finally decided he was done preaching, every restaurant in Oklahoma City had a ridiculous wait. I was still having some crazy hormones, so I had (a bit) of a breakdown.

We decided that we would have a redo of that Mothers Day, this year (minus the preacher who refused to acknowledge mothers.. WHO does that?!).. so we had a yummy breakfast/lunch of Jimmys Egg. Jackson and McKinley gave me a gift card to The Market and Cafe 7. Which will make for a fun mommy day for me!

That evening, we drove to Edmond and met Ward and Reese over at my parents house to celebrate with my mom! My parents had been in Baton Rouge, celebrating my Uncle Jerry.. so we didnt do any fancy cooking, but ordered some Hideaway Pizza and I made a strawberry cream pie for dessert. It was laid back and perfect!

Ward and Reese even got me a Mothers Day gift, clothes for Baby McKinley. I dont know if you know this or not, but my sister in law has some FABULOUS taste, so her choices were PERFECT! McKinley is going to be one well dressed baby girl! :)

Just a perfect day- laid back and spent with all my favorite people!

I am blessed beyond measure to have been chosen to be Jackson and McKinley's mommy.


Claire said...

yes, your sister-in-law does have fabulous taste. :) if i were blind, i would have her dress me haha glad it was a good mother's day!