Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Hot Water

The events of the past couple of months have really helped put the importance of relationships into prespective... especially Craig and I's marriage.

I think most couples, if honest with themselves, once they have kids, they allow their relationship with their mate to become a second thought. Craig and I were always good at making time for eachother, but our communcation probably could have been improved upon.

So, with the addition of McKinley, and knowing that we are going to have some great obstacles to overcome with her, we want to gaurantee that our marriage is as strong as possible going into this. Our kids need us to be unified. We realize this, and have promised eachother that we are going to work on accomplishing this together.

So with all that being said, Craig knows how important "me" time is for me. You also know that with a 2 year old, "me" time is basically non exsistent. Craig also knows how much it means to me when he takes initiative and plans something for us as a couple or a family. With my personality, even though this is very important to me, I often times, take over the responsibility of planning, which takes away the fun for Craig.

Well, he had a free night built up on one of his accounts, so he knew that I had been a bit stressed with everything going on.. so he made a reservation for me to stay at a hotel after work last night. Just me. I could go to dinner with a friend, go back, take a long hot shower and get in bed to relax and talk to noone. Just enjoy quiet. "Me time".

I was so excited, and really looking forward to it. Even though, it felt strange not being with him. And knowing he was at home with Jackson. My friend, Amy and I went to dinner at a restaurant in Norman and then went to Hobby Lobby. I went up to my room, texted Craig to let him know I was there for the night, and prepared to take my long hot quiet shower. I, for the life of me, could not get the hot water to come on. I played with that silly knob forever. I finally decided to call the front desk, "I may be a complete moron, but I, for the life of me, can not figure out how to get hot water to come out of the shower". She said, "oh yes, our hot water is not working, it should be on in 30 minutes to an hour". I hung up and thought... "what kind of hotel is this to not have hot water? They are really screwing with this pregnant woman's plans." I texted Craig and told him, but I didnt want to complain, because he had gone to all this trouble to plan a special night for me, and this surely wasnt his fault. But I still felt like he should know, because if it was not on in an hour, he definitely shouldnt have to pay for this hotel room- even though he wasnt actually paying for it- he shouldnt lose his points. Anyway... needless to say after an hour and a half with no hot water, I called back, this time in tears (which I do admit, to being a bit dramatic) and said "I am a 35 week pregnant girl that just wants to take a hot shower and go to bed". The girl who answered the phone was 30 weeks pregnant, herself. I really didnt care, she wasnt trying to take a hot shower and go to bed. Her husband had not set up this night for her to be completely relaxed. After the scary maintenance man CAME TO MY ROOM, just to clarify, that yes, the water WAS in fact, ice cold.. I decided to just go home. I could sleep at home with my husband and be gauranteed a hot shower in my own bathroom.

Craig felt HORRIBLE. Again, totally not his fault. My room was at a nice hotel in Norman.. a hotel that should most definitely have HOT water. Its just the way it happened.

Its the thought that counts- very true! I appreciate that he did something that he knew would mean alot to me, especially right before we add McKinley to our family.

And next time, we wont stay at this particular hotel in Norman. AGAIN. :)