Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Appointment

We see McKinley again tomorrow. All week, I have been SO excited. This morning, I woke up with a bit of the anxious butterflies. We have been doing so much around our house to get ready for her- it has definitely been teamwork of Craig and my parents.. I am not much help these days.. however, I am EXHAUSTED after our work days. Go figure. :) But I feel like those days when we are doing so much to get ready for her arrival, I just feel SO happy and it just becomes even more real that she is coming VERY soon!

And then, as we get closer to her appointments, I start getting that anxious feeling. I just always worry that we are going to discover something that we didnt see before.

Tomorrow is a big day- we are going to schedule a C-Section date.. well, I dont really know how that works, if I have to wait for the hospital to call me to schedule and we will actually just discuss it tomorrow.. but regardless, we will be that much closer to knowing exactly when we are going to meet our baby girl. That is one of my fears... I REALLY dont want to go into labor with McKinley. There are so many unknowns and I know I am going to be a big ball of anxious mess the day of the C-Section regardless.. and our whole team of doctors will be there. I cant imagine what a mess I will be, if I go into unexpected labor and our whole team of doctors can not be there. Oh I dont want to think about it. So, please just pray that she stays safe and secure in my belly, rolling around in my short torso.

Please pray that her heart and kidneys still look good. Please pray that she cooperates during the ultrasound. If you remember, last time, I had just taken my glucose test and it was also the appointment where the placement of her umbilical cord had the doctor a bit perplexed. I know that ultimately, we will not know anything until she is born. But, pray that we can see the placement of the umbilical cord alittle bit more clearly, so maybe we can prepare a bit before delivery.

I will update after our appointment tomorrow. Thanks friends.


Marisa said...

Praying for you friend!

stacy Nance said...

Praying for you!