Monday, February 14, 2011

Whats It Gonna Bee??

Craig and I decided that we wanted to have another gender reveal party for our families. We had one for Jackson.. which we combined with Craig's birthday party.

Well, after our eventful, sad appointment where we discovered the baby's gender.. Craig looked at me while in the high risk doctors office and said "we are still going to have the party". I replied, "yeah, I know" and he said "good, cause it wasnt a question.. we are going to". We both agreed, that although we are so sad that our baby is sick, we want to celebrate our baby too!!!

Well, as you know, the weather in Oklahoma has been CRAZY the past couple of weeks.. so we had to postpone the reveal party from Tuesday to Saturday.

I ordered the precious invitations from Dimpleprints on Etsy.

I loved the "bee" theme.. because it was so gender neutral. Going along with the "bee" theme... all of the food had honey in it somehow.For dessert, I made cupcakes... and this is where everyone found out what our sweet baby was!
PINK!!!!!!!!!! Our baby has a name!!! McKinley Beth..we CAN NOT wait to meet you!!
Capturing our families reactions was hard! Ha! BUT, everyone was shocked and super excited!!! We were all just SURE that we were going to have all boys!!
A few of my college friends came over to celebrate with us that night, and although I captured their faces.. its blurry... oops! At least you get the idea! Amy was the only one who guessed girl!

Needless to say, we are all thrilled!

We wanted to wait and share with even more of our friends in person at Jackson's birthday party. But, with the heaviness of the week.. Craig and I were just ready to share our exciting news! Plus, we really wanted people to begin to pray for our sweet little girl by name.

Speaking of prayers.. Craig and I are OVERWHELMED by people's love towards our family. If everyone that says they are praying for our little girl, actually is... she is one well prayed for little girl.

As we have said many times, we believe that God can totally heal our little girl. Whether He chooses to do it miraculously while she is in the womb, or if He chooses to use a surgeon, we will praise Him. And if total healing is not in His plan, we will praise Him.

We dont feel worried. We still feel really sad. We are still really emotional. And we are really tired.

Please continue to pray for:
1. Total healing for our little McKinley Beth
2. Wisdom for Craig and I, while choosing surgeons and hospitals
3. Rest for Craig and I.
4. Patience and peace.

Thanks friends!! Celebrate with us, our precious little McKinley Beth!


Leslie said...

A GIRL!!! So so fun. And what a beautiful name! We will certainly continue to pray for her by name.

mckenziegordon said...

First of all LOVE the theme and party, so cute! And I'm so excited you guys are having a sweet baby girl! You all four of you have been heavy on our hearts and will continue to be in our prayers. Keep us posted with specific prayer requests and needs you guys have. Hang in there!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

such a cute party, I knew it would be! Love the name, adorable!!!

Miranda said...

Ohhh - Mc(Kinley) in in Macbeth (like Shakespear!). I like it!!

Kate & Matthew said...

Danielle! I LOVE the name!!! So excited for you both and I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl!!!

Emily said...

She is well loved already! Thinking of you and your sweet baby girl.

Emily said...

She is well loved already! Thinking of you and your sweet baby girl.

Jamie said...

What a cute party... love the theme and great pictures. Praying for little McKinley!!