Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Year Old Well Check Up

Jackson was supposed to have his 2 year old well check up on Thursday, but he has been super coughy and alittle feverish, so I went ahead and took him in today. They were nice enough to go ahead and do his well check up so I wouldnt have to miss work again to bring him in.

Baby boy (which I guess he is hardly a baby anymore.. sad), has bronchitis. But seems to be getting over it. I guess when they are this young, bronchitis is viral so they dont give them antibiotics, we are just supposed to keep doing what we are doing.

He is 24 pounds 4 ounces (8th %) and 34 inches long (40%).

He is doing great! We are having so much fun with him! Although he looks just like Craig and has ALOT of Craig's personality (he is HYSTERICAL), he has a bit of my attitude. Why could he not have gotten one of my more attractive qualities? :) He loves being the center of attention, at all times. He LOVES his family. And I really believe his favorite times are when its just me, Craig and him at home. He is a pretty good eater. Our biggest issue is meat. He LOVES his fruits and veggies. And will eat ANYTHING that we eat. He loves to "dip" anything. He is all boy. Very very very busy. Loves any type of ball and loves to stack things, and loves bubbles. He is definitely going through a hat phase. But not just one, he needs like 3 at one time, and if one falls off, he gets REALLY MAD. Since he does not have his paci anymore, he really likes both of his blankets and his pillow and will bring them everywhere in the house. He loves music (he is a Smith).. he loves to listen to it, to play it, and to dance.

Jackson is such a blessing to our family. What a gift!


Stacy said...

he is SOOOOO cute and so tiny! love it!!!