Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Have to Be Jesus

I am sorry that all these blogs have been about the wreck. It has basically consumed my thoughts every waking moment. And lets be honest, sleeping ones too. I dont know how many more blogs will be written about it... so I just apologize in advance.

Those of you, who read this blog, who know me well.. know that I can be tough. Its not so much that I can be mean.. but I can have a very strong personality. God has convicted me about how I handle some situations, this year.

I cant tell you how many times I have had the conversation with Craig about how I would handle a situation if someone hit me while Jackson was in the car. All of those conversations ended with me implying that I would physically do damage to any careless person that would hit me while my precious baby was in the car.

Well it happened. And after I yelled at her, telling her I had a baby in the backseat and I was pregnant.. I had this OVERWHELMING feeling come over me, I had to be Jesus to her right then. So when she came up to my car to check on Jackson, I wasnt mad at her. I didnt want to hurt her.. I just wanted us to all be calm and all of us to be ok.

Well, a lady I go to church with, came up to me today and told me that she ran into the girl who hit me's mom.. I guess her mom is a secretary at one of the elementary schools at a surrounding town's school. She was in the office talking about how her daughter hit a pregnant girl. The lady, I know, told her, that she hit her youth ministers wife. This was the first time that she knew who I was... she told the lady that I go to church with, how worried they have been about us (their insurance company would not give them any update on us), and how blown away they were with how I handled the situation, and how nice and patient I was with her daughter.

I am not saying this to pat myself on my own back.. I am telling this story, to show another way that God's hand was completely evident. How I handled the situation was not me. I would have been ugly.. she put my childrens lives in danger... but God worked through me.

I am telling you.. I get more overwhelmed by God's goodness daily.


Missy said...

It just goes to show how we should always be aware of how we represent Jesus in any situation. Good reminder. :)

Megan said...

Thanks, Danielle! I really needed this reminder!!

Tracy and Adam said...

Praise the Lord!