Monday, January 17, 2011

Car Seat

Once your baby transfers from their infant carseat.. it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what toddler carseat you should get. I know there are a ton of good ones out there.

But I have a suggestion.This carseat, was critical, I believe, in not only keeping my son from getting seriously injured, but even saving his life.

The Britax Marathon. BUY IT.

It is more expensive than some... but I can tell you, my son's life is definitely worth more than its $279.99 price tag.


The Ames Album said...

Thanks Danielle! I'm writing that one down!

Lisa said...

we are a britax family here! when brooke outgrows her infant seat, we'll have 3 britax carseats in a row, haha! :)

so so thankful it protected him!!!!

Erin said...

E has the Britax Boulevard, and we love it. So glad it was such a source of protection. You guys had angels watching out for you!

Tiffany said...

That is what Beau is in. Great carseats!