Friday, January 14, 2011

Living Through a Nightmare- Literally.

As a parent, there are a few things that are your absolute worst nightmares. I experienced and lived through one on Wednesday. I honestly believe that the only reason, that Jackson, Baby Smith #2 and I are not seriously injured, is because God's hand of protection covered us. Today, I am still completely overwhelmed by His goodness.

Wednesday was a pretty normal day. Jackson did wake up earlier than normal, so I got to work earlier than normal. Jackson went to school and played with his friends. Craig went to work on by far his busiest days of the week, added into that equation for him was a lunch with a perspective staff member. I got to the church to pick Jackson up, he had just woken up from his nap and was still pretty groggy. We told Craig we loved him and headed home.

We drove our normal route, everything was fine. I am ALWAYS very cautious when I turn right onto HWY 76 (the state highway that runs right by our neighborhood). It has a speed limit of 65 which is absolutely ridiculous, considering Newcastle is much less country than it was years ago. Since we have lived in Newcastle, there have been several very serious accidents. It has always made Craig and I nervous, especially because our teenagers come over to our house so often. All that to say, I am VERY cautious. I only pull out when there is no car in sight.... Wednesday was no different. I turned right onto HWY 76, and looked in my rearview mirror and saw a silver car far behind me. I thought nothing of it. I put on my left blinker a considerable distance from my turn, knowing that a car was behind me, I was slowing down... and thats all I remember. Everything went black.. when I opened my eyes, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that silver car that was so far in my distance, stopped in the middle of the highway. I realized we had been hit. I automatically looked in the back seat for Jackson. He was sitting in his car seat TOTALLY fine.. acting like he didnt even know we got hit. THANK YOU JESUS! I was able to move my car to the side of the highway. It took me a second to gather my thoughts and my cell phone to call Craig and the police.

I got out of the car, went to Jackson's passengers side door to try to get him out. His door wouldnt open. I went to the other side, and it did open. At this point, the girl who hit me, got out of her car. She went to the curb at the neighborhood across the street from mine, Castle Creek, and started complaining about everything shaking together. At that point, I lost a bit of my cool and yelling, "yeah, well I have a baby in my back seat and I am pregnant" I was just not in the mood AT ALL to hear HER complaining. SHE hit ME.

I was able to get Jackson out of his car seat, the force of the hit, made his left shoe fly off, but he seemed/seems totally fine. He did start crying when I got him out of his car seat the wrong way. While I was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, the girl who hit me came up to my car to check on us. She was a bit hysterical. She told me "i just didnt even see you".

About this time, 3 cops, an ambulance and a firetruck get to the sight of our accident. They shut down the highway. Jackson and I head to the ambulance. Jackson is clapping and saying yay for the ambulance and the flashing lights. I am crying, but am so thankful that he seems ok. Now, just to know that the baby in my belly is ok. When they ask Jackson and I to get in the ambulance, Jackson FREAKS out. Thankfully, my friend and neighbor, Brooke, got there (her mom had seen me right after the accident happened and called Brooke).. she took Jackson to keep him warm and take all the stickers out of his pants and socks (I have NO idea how they got there..).

The paramedics take my blood pressure, its high. Our music minister and friend, Dave shows up to the ambulance next to check on me and tell me that Craig is right behind him. The paramedics poke all over my body to see if I hurt anywhere. I dont. Craig gets there, he looks beyond worried. He makes sure I am ok.. gives me a kiss, and he and the lady paramedic go to double check on Jackson. 2 officers come and ask me questions, along with the fireman. The girl who hit me, came to the ambulance complaining that her knees hurt, the paramedics tell her "well they probably will". So she left.

I was informed it was best to not talk to her, and to wait until the police report was completed to get all of her information. If, for some reason, this has to go to court, it is better if all communication was done through law enforcement officers. That makes sense.

They take my blood pressure again, its alot lower. They let me leave the ambulance. After signing a ton of papers saying I was rejecting a ride to a hospital.

I go look at my car for the first time. I was too flustered before.(This picture was actually taken at the body shop on Thursday)

We walked across the street to our house. I called my doctor to tell her about the accident. They told me I needed to get to an emergency room and have an ultrasound done to check on the baby. Our friend, Rachel, was on her way back from class, she came straight over. Jackson was thrilled, he loves when Rachel comes to play. I still felt like I was walking in a cloud... nothing seemed real.

I didnt want to drive to Mercy, I was afraid to be in a car that long. So we went to Moore Health Plex... it. was. awesome. We walked in, and were immediately seen. I had 2 nurses and 3 doctors. They found the heartbeat immediately. I, automatically, felt better. We are cautiously optimistic that Baby #2 is ok.

We got home, and I took a bath. I could not believe everything that had just happened. And more importantly, I couldnt believe how much we were protected.

Seriously... we were hit at 65 miles per hour on a 2 lane highway. What is the likelyhood that we are going to get hit straight on.. I wasnt in the middle of a turn, so I wasnt t-boned. I wasnt clipped, so we didnt go into oncoming traffic.. we got hit bluntly straight on the back.. my hands were at 10 and 2 on the wheel.. so we went straight.

Jackson didnt even know that we were hit. He has no bruises from his car seat. I have no bruises from my seat belt. My airbag didnt deploy, which seems to have helped keep my baby safe. My seatbelt had to have worked, because I dont seem to have whip lash.

The back windshield didnt even crack. Being hit at 65 miles per hour, the trunk is not where it is supposed to be.. but the windshield didnt even break. If it had, it would have sent glass all over my baby. I think it helped that she was driving a PT Cruiser or a car like it.. so the front of it is lower, so it didnt hit the top of my trunk.. it hit more midway.

The force made the backseat so much closer to the front seat than it is supposed to be.. but not too close, it didnt make Jackson's legs go against the front seat. No broken bones.

I went to take pictures of the car at the body shop.. we tried to open the door that we were able to get Jackson out of, so that I could get pictures of the inside. And the door would not open. They have NO idea how I ever got that door open... the door is inside the trunk.

I know how I got the door open. I know why we were so protected. God's hand of protection was ALL over us. It is such an overwhelming feeling to look at the "what ifs". I try my hardest not to think about it, and dwell on the fact that the three of us are safe. My car will most likely be totaled, and I have never been more sore in my life. But I can deal with that. Both of my babies seem fine, we will continue to watch Jackson, and have an ultrasound on February 7th to see Baby #2.. but ultimately will have to wait until s/he is born to know for sure the impact.

I was hugging Jackson on Wednesday night.. I do EVERYTHING in my power to keep him safe and protect him, and someone else's stupidity and selfishness to not pay attention, risked his life. I pray that this girl learns from this... she is at home right now, knowing she hit a pregnant girl with a baby in the backseat... she has no idea how we are doing. I do hope that she is ok also... but I sure sure sure sure hope that she takes this experience and learns from it.

And ODOT... be expecting to hear from me.


Leslie said...

Wow...SO glad that you are all ok. What a great reminder to all of us to be super vigilant when is so easy to get distracted!

KillerB said...

Yikes, I'm so glad the three of you are okay, Danielle.

Tracy and Adam said...

So I'm hormonal anyways with being pregnant myself, but it took a lot not to bawl while reading this. Praise the Lord for His amazing protection. Wow.

Missy said...

That totally chokes me up. Praise the Lord that all three of you are okay! :)

Steph M said...

Danielle, I am so glad you all are ok. I cried through your whole story. Praise the Lord for his protection! You guys take it easy, it may take your body some time to recover from the impact.

piper. said...

oh my gosh - how scary and horrible! i am SO glad to hear everything is ok with you and the babies. i have a honda cr-v and i don't think i'll ever drive anything but a honda.