Friday, January 21, 2011

My Guess= BOY

Everyone has been asking me if I am hoping for a little girl this time around. And although, having a little girl to dress really cute and do her hair, would be SUPER fun... I am going to be just as excited if this baby growing inside me is a little boy. Little boys are fantastic and fun and loooooove their mommy's. They are cheaper.. I am not tempted every time I walk by a clothing item, because lets be honest, there are just NOT as many cute clothes out there for boys as there are for girls. Dont get me wrong.. you can dress your baby boy precious.. but if you are in a store at least 85% of it will be filled with girls clothes. Seriously.

I had this OVERWHELMING feeling when I had Jackson, that our next baby would be a boy. I cant explain it.. but I told Craig about my feeling before we even left the hospital with Jackson.

And then my hubby's family. He was one of three boys. His oldest brother has 2 daughters. But his middle brother has 3 sons. I think the odds are they make boys more often than they make girls.

Last Thursday, when I went to the doctor after the wreck, Tami was trying to find the baby's heart beat... obviously she knows what she is listening for, WAY better than I do. But it seemed as though she was struggling to find it.. which scared me to death. So I asked her if she couldnt find it.. she said "oh no, I can find it.. your baby is just super busy and wont stay still". Immediately I thought... yep its a boy! :) She finally was able to get the doppler on the baby, his/her heart beat went up 10 beats per minute almost immediately. She said it was making him/her mad. That is funny to me.

Soooo... I could totally wrong... but my guess is Jackson will have a baby brother. We will find out for sure soon enough!!


mckenziegordon said...

Totally agree with everything you said about boys...They do LOVE their Momma's and as far as buying stuff goes it is easier, even though a lot of the girl stuff is just overwhelming to me. I say often God knew I needed a boy! Hope you're right! :) Plus you already have everything boy.

mgoff said...

I'm going with boy also!

Pascha said...

Ohhh just wait till your boy is older....he will LOVE his daddy, cause daddy is the one that wrestles on the floor and plays basketball, and gives him attention when mommy is tending to the "baby" ;( then our precious little boys tend to lean towards daddy! and it BREAKS YOUR HEART! HA
It would be SO fun for you to have a little boy, he and jackson would be the best of friends! Cant wait to hear what it is!