Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowklahoma 2011

I have been wanting just one good snowstorm this year. Well, we got it. I definitely was not expecting one that would rival last year's Christmas Eve's blizzard. I dont think we got as much snow this time around.. but it has definitely been MUCH colder!!!!I opened the back door on the day of the blizzard....
Blizzards in the country are weird. Granted, I have never been in a blizzard in the city. But we have these terrific snow drifts (ours basically goes around our house)... but then our backyard there is basically zero snow... it was blown to Blanchard, I think. CRAZY.
This is a picture of our front yard, the day after the blizzard. You see, I tried to take a picture of our front yard on the day OF the blizzard. But because it was a blizzard, all you see is white. Plus, that is a moment, I thought Craig MIGHT kill me. I opened the garage to get a picture, because I thought that would be the best angle. But when I went to close it.. it would not close. It ended up being an easy fix... but it was touch and go for a moment.

Craig had to shovel the driveway today. I couldnt help him... and considering we had negative wind chills all day long, he had to do it in a few shifts. This picture was taken right before his 3rd time to go out. His face was starting to get red and beginning to hurt, so he had this fabulous idea (so he says) to wear Jackson's Iron Man mask.. he just knew that it would protect his face. I could NOT believe that he was going outside wearing that... but he did. He wore it the whole time. Jackson LOVED watching Craig shovel. He would just burst out laughing. He thought it was hysterical... especially when he would dump the snow from one location to the next. After HOURS of work.. Craig was able to get alittle more than a third of our driveway done.

Seriously. SO. MUCH. SNOW! Craig is going to sleep good tonight!!


KillerB said...

Wow, look at that. That's insane!

Keep each other warm out there-- ya'll bundle up!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

he looks HILARIOUS!!!

shoveling snow is HARD! My back is killing me