Monday, December 27, 2010

A Couple Christmas Memories

I win Mom of the Year again... I started thinking on Christmas Eve.. I better check to see how much battery I have left on my camera. Half. So I went to find my battery charger.. and of course, it was

Luckily, Mom brought hers and let us use it. So, I have not uploaded pictures yet, but will.

However, there are a couple of Jackson memories that I wanted to write down before I forgot. He is just too cute.

On Christmas Eve, Ward and Reese, Mom and Dad came and went to our Christmas Eve service at church. And then we had a yummy taco salad dinner (seriously one of my favorite meals!), and then opened presents with Ward and Reese. Jackson was having so much fun during the present opening time (not opening presents, just trying to be the center of attention). He sometimes has this really dramatic, somewhat fake laugh. He kinda throws his head back some and laughs with his mouth SUPER open and laughs really loud. Well, on Christmas Eve, after he started laughing, tossed his head back.. he would bring his hand to his mouth, cover it and bend over. He must have seen someone laughing so hard, that they covered their mouth and bent over. It was the most hysterical thing I have seen him do in a long time. And he kept doing it! cute!

On Christmas morning, after Jackson discovered all of his Santa (except for the basketball goal, that Little Tykes forgot to pack the RIM in the box.. critical part Little Tykes.. critical part), we had some yummy cinnamon rolls from Okarche and Sister Schubert sausage rolls for breakfast. Jackson's Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry gave him a super cute table and chairs for Christmas, so Jackson wanted to sit there for breakfast instead of his high chair. We gave him a napkin with his breakfast, which we normally dont do, because we figure it will just end up on the floor. Well, as soon as he sat down, and before he took a bite, he took his napkin and put it in his LAP! Such good manners already. Obviously, we have not taught him that yet, considering we dont give him napkins at meals. So I texted his teacher to see if they do it at school, which they dont. So, he obviously, has just observed Craig and I at dinner time, and sees us put our napkins in our laps. Seriously, can you get sweeter than that!

What a blessing our baby boy is!


Missy said...

That is toooooo precious!