Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Sick. So So Sick.

Jackson has his first ear infection. We made it 21 months. And poor baby is miserable.

We took Jackson to the doctor two weeks ago, because he just wasnt "right". He was really really clingy to us, to his teachers, really to anyone that he knew well. He wanted to be held. He didnt feel like playing. He wouldnt sleep well at night, so he was constantly tired. And he was more moody. At the doctor, his ears looked good, but he had a TON of drainage. So, she gave us cough medicine for his cough.

The medicine helped him sleep better, and helped with the cough. But Jackson just wasnt improving, as far as wanting to play, always wanting to be held, etc.

Last Wednesday, Emily called me and said Jackson had a fever and was really acting tired and like he was not feeling well. When I got to the church, I could hear him crying. Talk about, break my heart. We went to the doctor and he had his first ear infection. We got an antibiotic and the doctor said that he should be feeling better by Friday.

Although, he does not have a fever like he did on Wednesday, and he is eating more, he is just not himself. Yesterday, he could not walk straight and kept falling. His equilibrium is ALL off. He is super snuggly (which is AWESOME), but it just makes me so sad that we cant seem to shake this.

He is back to taking 2 naps a day right now, which I feel like is fine. I am hoping sleep will help him get better. I also think the antibiotic is not strong enough, so I am going to call the doctor on Monday.

We start our holiday celebrations next weekend in Dallas with my dad's side of the family, and we need fun happy Jackson to come with us. :)


mgoff said...

SO sorry that he is sick! YUCK!

April S said...

AWWWWW!!!! Poor baby. I missed him today. Hope he feels better soon. Let me know if I can help.