Friday, November 12, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- First Ultrasound

Craig and I had our first ultrasound on Thursday. This was the email that I sent to our few friends who know our good news, to update them. It explains what happens well.

I wanted to give you an update on this little baby growing inside of me.

Craig and i went to the doctor today, I was up for my annual, but my nurse squeezed me in to get an ultrasound too. We knew that it would be really early, and we wouldnt be able to see much, but we were excited. According to the first day of my last period, I would be 6 weeks 2 days along. You should be able to see the baby (through a vaginal ultrasound) by 6 or 7 weeks. Well, as soon as the ultrasound started, I could tell where the sac was, but I did not see anything inside it. I asked the ultrasound tech if she could the baby, she couldnt. I could tell, I was starting to freak out alittle bit. She told me she could see the sac and the yolk sac (I know this is my second pregnancy, but i still dont know what a yolk sac is, and I didnt see it). Anyway, she did some measuring and according to the size of the sac, I am only 5 weeks pregnant. Ok, that means I found out around THREE weeks, I was pregnant. So strange. The ultrasound tech told me she thought everything was fine, but she wanted to see me in a week, to see my progress. I got dressed and Craig and I headed to the waiting room. I didnt say ANYTHING, and Craig said "quit freaking out right now". I looked at him, and told him I wasnt freaking out. And he said "well you probably will be in 20 minutes." Good point hubby, good point. Craig then reminded me that the first time that i went in to get tested to be pregnant (which was at 21 days, and should have been able to have a positive test), it came back negative. I had a humungous pity party, and a week later found out I was pregnant. So, evidently, my dates are off... and I am a week behind. Dr. Wilks and my nurse, Tammy, were both really encouraging. Dr. Wilks said, that everything looks absolutely normal for 5 weeks. She thinks my dates are off, she said 90% of the time when things like this happen, it is because the dates are wrong, the other 10% is because the baby could be a slow grower, which she said is fine. She agreed with the ultrasound tech that they need to see me in a week, to make sure that in fact, nothing bad is going on.

So, Craig and I will go back for another ultrasound the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I write all of this to let you know how my appointment went today, and also to ask that you continue to pray for our baby, that s/he will grow to be healthy and strong, and that this pregnancy will be as seamless as possible. Our family cherishes your prayers. We know that this pregnancy is in the early stages, and many things can happen. At first not seeing the baby was worrysome for me.. but I feel at total peace about the timing of this pregnancy, and can feel God's hand in it. Please keep praying for our new baby.