Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- "Oh its my pregnant wife"

Well the pregnancy symptoms have started. And have come at full force this week. When I think about complaining, I remind myself how thankful I am that I have the opportunity to experience these symptoms.

With Jackson, before I even knew I was pregnant, I started having nose bleeds. I had NEVER had nose bleeds before in my life, and I was in the middle of interviewing a perspective employee and my nose started bleeding. I remember thinking how strange that was. It continued happening, and my doctor just told me it was due to the increased blood flow. It made sense to me.

So I expected to have nose bleeds. And I hadnt had any. Until Monday night. I got my first nosebleed.

With Jackson, I never experienced morning sickness. I changed pre-natal vitamins from the cheap ones that I bought from Walmart to the all in ones from the doctor. That first night I got nauseous, so I switched back to the cheap ones, and I was good.

Well I am basically always nauseous with this pregnancy. Its the worse in the mornings and all night long. I sometimes wonder if it would be better if I would just throw up.. but then I REALLY dont want to throw up. So I will stick with the nausea.

One thing that is the same with both pregnancies... I am SLEEPY. I was ready to go to bed last night at 8 pm. Craig said "oh its my pregnant wife". I reminded him, it was really like 9 pm. :)

We go to the doctor tomorrow morning for our first ultrasound. WAHOO!