Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have mentioned my moms group before. It is such a blessing, for so many reasons.

Last Monday, my friend, Brooklyn set it up for Carrie from The Coupon Closet to come and talk with us about couponing. I was SO. EXCITED. Carrie is a mom of 5 and has cut her grocery budget from around $1000/month to around $250/month, all thanks to couponing.

I got home and told Craig that it would just be stupid for me not to try. And she makes it so easy, she takes the ads and tells you what is on sale and what coupons to use. So. GREAT!

It was a team effort, I cut the coupons from the Sunday paper, and Craig printed the coupons that I emailed him!

I just got back from my first couponing trip to Homeland. I am thrilled. I spent $34 on $90 worth of stuff!!!
I got ALL of that for $34!!! You can't see everything, but there is a roast, 2 steaks, 4 cans of apple pie filling, 6 cans of tomatoes, 2 cans evaporated milk, 2 packages of chocolate chips, 2 ziploc bags, 2 stuffing mixes, ritz crackers, wheat thins, grapefruit juice, 2 healthy choice dinners, rhodes rolls, jimmy dean sausage, 2 packages of hot dogs, and 2 packages of cheese nips! YAY!


Claire said...

i'm inspired! i'll be giving this a try :)

Missy said...

I'm trying to be a couponer but I'm always forgetting! Hopefully I'll catch on soon!

Ben and Addie said...

I love this and I love your blog!!

Elizabeth said...

You will love it, Danielle! I've been "couponing" for about 18 months now and our grocery/household budget has dropped significantly. We spend about $60 /week on all household items and that leaves me plenty of money to stock up too. Watch out though - it's addicting :)