Monday, November 15, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- Emergency Ultrasound

Well today has NOT gone according to plan.

Sunday, I started spotting, I really didnt think anything of it, just assumed it was from my papsmear on thursday (that might be too much information for some people.. sorry), well this morning when I woke up there was more "clotting" spotting and I felt crampy. My stomach was also kind of upset, so I didnt know whether the cramping was cramping cramping or cramping because my stomach was hurting. I talked to my mom and we decided that it wouldnt hurt to call my nurse. I really wasnt that concerned, but since it had been happening for 2 days and we are so early in the pregnancy, I wanted to be safe.

I talked to my favorite nurse Tami, and told her, I am sure it is ok, but I just want you to tell me it is ok. I told her what was going on, and she said, it could be because of the pap, but she wanted me to be sure and told me she was going to schedule me an emergency ultrasound at the hospital.

Luckily, Craig had just gotten back from a discipleship breakfast, so he was there with me. I decided to jump in the shower, so that I would have clean hair, when i had to go to the hospital. When I was starting the conditioner, Tami called and told me to get there right now. I told her it would take me a bit, since I live in Newcastle, she was ok with that. She reminded me to come with a full bladder.

So, Craig stayed with Jackson at home. And I headed to the hospital. Mom happened to have had a closing in Yukon and was on the way home right by the hospital, so she came to be with me. She got there, right as they were taking me back to radiology.

I had a student at first, who was measuring the size of my uterus and looking at my bladder, basically. The the ultrasound man came in..he was a ball of high energy. He tried to look at everything with a regular ultrasound on my tummy, but of course could not get a good look at the sac/baby, etc. He decided that we should do a vaginal ultrasound, which I agreed with. I felt like he made it more awkward than it needed to be... but it is amazing what you can see with one of those.

Unlike last week, with the ultrasound, I IMMEDIATELY saw the heart beat. Praise the Lord. The sac looked bigger than it was on thursday, which is a good thing. Everything measured 6 weeks 2 days. So, according to this ultrasound the due date is July 10th (5 days later than what we originally thought). Because the heart beat was so new, it was beating at 128... he said anywhere between 120 and 180 is good. And that at the beginning it beats slower and then rapidly picks up. I will be anxious to see what it is next Tuesday.

Although, I was not looking to get an ultrasound today, it definitely ended up being a blessing. Seeing the heart beat makes things even more real. I was so disappointed last week, and alittle worried about our baby, and then add on the bleeding, I wasnt sure what was going on. But it was affirming to see the baby growing.

I am so ready for everyone to know our big secret, we can use all the prayers we can get for our sweet baby.