Monday, November 15, 2010

I Want To Feed Myself

Jackson LOVES to feed himself. He is too big of a boy to let us feed him. However, we normally win the battle when it comes to the spoon. It is just SUCH a mess. I do know that he needs to learn. And the best way for him to learn is by doing it. But really. Such a mess.

Saturday evening, Craig was at the OU game, and Amy was over hanging out with Jackson and I. Jackson wanted some apple sauce and he did NOT want me to feed it to him. So I put him in his high chair and let him go for it. He really did a relatively good job, until it got close to the end. He wanted EVERY bit of it out of the cup.
So he put the cup upside down on his HEAD! See what I mean, a TOTAL MESS!

We immediately took a bath.
Then he was ready to snuggle with his favorite friend, Amy!!! (How sweet is this picture!!!)


coco said...

i can totally relate about the feeding yourself business. i've felt guilt about not letting charlotte experiment...but i don't want to! wahhh! i'm not normally like that but the highchair yuckiness is a little much for me sometimes.