Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- Ultrasound #3

Today was another big day in this pregnancy.

We got to see our sweet baby again. S/he has grown so much since last Monday. This time Craig was able to go with me, which was fantastic! Not only could we see the heart beating, we got to hear it for the first time. Incredible. The baby's heart was beating 169 beats per minute, which is a great increase from the 128 beats per minute last week. It is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.

The due date from today's ultrasound was July 13th. So I would say sometime between July 10th and July 15th, we should have another baby!

The ultrasound tech and Dr. Wilks both agreed that everything looked just as it should. Which was a great relief.

I did bring up the fact that I am still bleeding almost daily. Not in huge amounts, but still, it is there. Dr. Wilks did not seem concerned at all. She said that between week 6 and 8, the placenta is implanting and alot of times can cause bleeding. They also stated that after you can see the beating heartbeat that the risk of miscarriage goes down tremendously. Which is also a blessing.. however, Dr. Wilks wanted to go ahead and check my hormones. Well, that means blood work, and from my previous blogs, you know how I do with blood work. I was TOTALLY unprepared, so I will be going back in tomorrow morning for more blood work.

I.HATE. BLOODWORK. However IF something was wrong and I did not go get my blood taken, I would forever beat myself up. So, instead, I am choosing to be thankful that I have a doctor who is patient with me, takes my concerns very seriously, and is doing everything in her power to insure that we have a healthy pregnancy. I know that I believe I have the best doctor out there, but I just dont think that every doctor spends the time that Dr. Wilks has already spent with me. I am telling you, she is a blessing.

So, all of that to say, I am feeling very relieved. I feel good about this pregnancy. I wish I would quit bleeding... even though it hasnt been alot, I cant help but worry. I have been drinking water like its going out of style, I doubt I will get much sleep tonight, I will have to go to the restroom so much, but I am determined to get those veins plump and easy to see for tomorrows blood work. AND I ordered my Christmas cards...soon the secret will be out. Thank. Goodness.