Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- Blood Work. Again.

Well, I went to give blood work this morning. I spent alot of the evening and morning (while getting ready and driving to the doctor) praying for a calm spirit. I kept texting Craig all morning, reminding him to pray. I just dont know what it is, the needle doesnt bother me, the blood doesnt bother me, but its more my reaction that scares me. It is really mental and I try my hardest to get over it, but its just really hard. It doesnt help that my viens are alot of times hard to find.

Well, I drank GALLONS of water last night, I spent alot of the night getting up to go to the rest room. I was sure that my veins were going to be the size of the Mississippi River, surely I would be a super easy stick. I thought I was just going in to get my hormones checked.

When she called me back, I had her lay me down and she came in with a TON of tubes that she was going to have to fill up. Oh. My. Goodness. She said they decided to also do the newborn screening... which really I was good with, that just means I wouldnt have to come back. Well a new girl was taking my blood (not as in she just started taking blood, but it was her first time to take mine). I showed her my AWESOME vein in my right arm, that NOONE likes to take blood from. And then told her the other girl always liked my left arm.. but that she always hurt me too. Julie (that was the blood takers name), agreed that she probably shouldnt take blood from my super awesome vein in my right arm, because it would probably collapse. It is really close to the surface and is small. But, the one time when I was PG with Jackson a girl took it from there, and it was awesome. However, people NEVER believe me. So Julie decided to look at my left arm. She could NOT find a vein. I drank GALLONS of water, how in the world could be veins not be there. Ugh. So, she decided to go ahead and take from the vein that she thought would collapse. She just said, if it did, she would have to stick me again. But neither of us saw another option. Well, let me just tell you, that vein that you can stick with a butterfly needle and is a SUPER easy stick, is truly a SUPER AWESOME vein. She was able to fill all 6 tubes with blood from that vein and it did not collapse. I KNEW IT! Blood takers need to listen to me. And Julie agreed, she told me I need to insist from now on. Oh. I will.

I laid there for a while and Julie, Tammy (my nurse) and another nurse friend (one who helped with the ice packs when I almost passed out), all hung out and talked about our Thanksgiving plans while I was making sure I was ready to go.

It was a successful blood draw. And I was reminded of how thankful I am for my doctors office. They are a real blessing.