Friday, October 29, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- Test Results

I talked to my nurse on Thursday, her exact words were "you are definitely pregnant!" WAHOO!!!!

She said all my levels looked great. And that my appointment that was already scheduled for November 11th works perfectly. I wondered if we would get to have an ultrasound that day, so I would know whether or not Craig would need to come with me. The ultrasound tech is actually in that day, but is done by the time I get in. Boo. So, we will just make another appointment to get an ultrasound. I can be patient. :)

The shirt that we ordered for Jackson that we are going to use to announce to our familys came in yesterday. It is SO. CUTE. Craig and I talked, and we decided that we are going to go ahead and tell my parents this weekend when they come over for Trick or Treating with Jackson. It will feel SO good to tell my parents. The plan is still to wait to tell the rest of the family until Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will have an ultrasound picture by then to go along with the announcement.

I am feeling good. Feeling tired, however, I wonder if it is somewhat in my mind. If I had not taken the test, would I still feel this tired? Or because I know I am pregnant, am I allowing myself to feel more tired? Who knows. But regardless, I feel tired. My appetite has been different. Some things just dont taste good at all. I have that metally taste in my mouth that makes the after taste of some things really yucky.

We are so so so so so excited about our new little addition that is growing in my belly!!!