Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hidden Baby Blog- More Blood Work

So you cant TOTALLY see what my arm looks like... but it looks like I am doing drugs.. the top purplish bruises are from last weeks dramatic blood taking.. the bottom greenish purple bruise is from today.

I am proud to tell you, that I did GREAT!!! I asked them to lay me down, and they did. I drank my yummy water with lime, looked at the babies on the wall, and acted like I was interested in my blood drawers sinus surgery. I did eat more than I did last time, even though, food doesnt sound that great to me.. I forced it down. And I am glad that I did.

Now, what has been the hardest is keeping the SECRET! My mom is my very best friend, I talk to her at the least 2 times a day, usually it is WAY more than that. And I have not told her. I tell her E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Everything we talk about, makes me want to tell her. But I know its going to be worth it, when we can surprise her.

Even with my other good friends, its SO. HARD. I was texting my sweet friend, Julie Harris, last night, and she even asked about the results of my blood work. I told her what the nurse said, but I felt somewhat dishonest. I didnt tell her the WHOLE truth... that is SO not me. I went to lunch with my friend, Denise today. How do you sit through a whole lunch with a good friend, that you tell ALL big things to, and not say anything?! Mindy called me today also, I didnt tell her. So. HARD. I do not keep secrets. My life is an open book..

I will be ready for Thanksgiving to get here. Thats for sure.