Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feeling Crafty- Lima Bean Wreath

As I have mentioned SEVERAL times before, I get all my inspiration from other people. I have not one creative bone in my body, but I have recently realized that I can copy other people's creativity. And it works out fantastic. I really enjoy it, and other people do the hard work of coming up with the concept. :)

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs...All Things Thrifty. She made this super great wreath... out of lima beans. I love the way that it looked and its texture. I liked that it was simple and that you could change it out for different seasons. Considering it only took a couple bags of lima beans, a wreath form and hot glue, I figured that I could make one too. I got my Great Value brand of lima beans (actually, my sweet friend, Brooke picked them up for me while she was at Walmart... what a good friend!!!)
All Things Thrifty said to glue them at an angle. So glue them at an angle I did. I am sure you could glue them in straight lines and it would look fantastic, but because I am good at copying other people's instructions, I glued at an angle.
The finished product. I love it. I really wanted a big thick chocolate brown ribbon to tie from it. However, I had that ribbon, and I did not want to go buy another ribbon, so I used what I had. And it looks fine. Next fall, I will buy a thick brown ribbon. :) I did spray paint it Rustoleum Heirloom White, because, you guessed it, thats what she told me to do. It is basically the same exact color as a real lima bean, but you can the bits of styrofoam that might poke through, etc. Really easy. Alittle time consuming, but I enjoyed it. I plan to change out the color of the ribbon for different seasons. WAY for a fun easy craft!


mckenziegordon said...

That's super creative! I'm impressed that you can copy so well. Sometimes I even struggle with that. Love it!

The Heskew Happenings said...

Awe! Love it when I make it to your posts! :) It looks awesome! I want to try it but I am afraid I don't have the patience!

Casa Cannon said...

okay, that is really really cute! I am thinking of making a wreath like this one-have you seen it? love it.