Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(there will be no pictures in this post.. you will thank me later)

I needed to get some blood work done on Tuesday at my doctors office. I was nervous.

Let me start from the beginning (ish). I have always had a weakish stomach. When I started pulling my teeth, I would pass out. It wouldnt be the blood, it was more, my tongue would find the whole in my mouth and I would just pass out.

Before I could go to college, I had to get a TON of shots.. as a senior in high school, most students could go to the doctor on their own. Not me. My mom had to be my designated driver, because once I got a shot.. I was done. For the day. I am not kidding.

When I got pregnant with Jackson, I was just sure I would have major issues. But thankfully, I really didnt. The first time I had to get bloodwork done in Hot Springs, they put me in a "no stress room" where I sat in a recliner.. it was awesome. I did really well. When we moved back to Oklahoma, I told the blood takers how I normally react, and they acted like they didnt lay people down, and they told me I would be fine. And I was. I started thinking, if I had time to think about what was happening and prepare myself, I would be fine. Because when they just popped it on me that I needed my flu shot (while pg with Jackson), I not only laid down for a while in the room.. I almost passed out while paying. They ran to get me water and sat me in the receptionists chair. A conversation followed: receptionist "did you just give blood".. me "no, i just got a flu shot". Seriously a weak stomach.

I was worried about the IV and the epidural in labor.. but both were a breeze.

So when I found out that I was going to be giving more blood, I started getting nervous. But I told myself.. you have had a baby. You are strong. But for some reason I was really really anxious about it.

On the way to the doctor, I stopped at Sonic and got me a HUGE water.. because that normally helps while I am giving blood. It makes me feel better.

Here is another thing.. my veins arent super easy to find. In fact, they are hard to find.

So I tell this girl that I was kind of nervous, and I sometimes dont do well.. she didnt offer to lay me down. I was being really strong. But she was having a really hard time finding my veins. She said she found one... so I look away and start sipping my water and saying out loud.. "ive had a baby.. ive had a baby" Well she takes a LONG time. So I finally say to her "are you almost done?" to which she replied " yes, but DONT look over here.. i may have bruised you"

Ok. I am fully aware that when you give blood, bruising is an option. Do NOT tell me about it.

So, I start getting really queasy. The conversation and situation goes as follows:

Me: I am really not feeling well
Blood Taker: Are you getting hot?
Me: Yes.. i am really not feeling well.
BT: If you get sick, I have a trash can
Me:I'm really not feeling well.
BT: (starts fanning me with a folder)
Me: You might want to get that trash can
BT: (screams) Stacy! Get some ice packs.. she's going down!!!
Me: (trying my hardest to not pass out or throw up)
Stacy and another nurse arrive with ice packs and wet washcloths that they start putting all over my face
S and BT: (screaming) KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!!
Me: Trying my hardest to keep my eyes open
S and BT: (screaming) KEEP THEM OPEN!!!
S- girl, next time you need to tell us to lay you down
Me- (thinking.. I had asked before and I wasnt allowed to!)

Eventually (approximately 20 minutes later), I was feeling well enough to get up and leave. I was EXHAUSTED. It was the strangest thing. Anytime I have needed to pass out, I have passed out. This time, they didnt let me. I felt like I had been traumatized.

AND when I took off my cotton from my arm, she had poked me THREE times. No wonder it took so long.

So. Having a baby does NOT make your stomach stronger.


Missy said...

Oh...poor thing! That's awful. Maybe I should just drive up to OKC and punch that girl in the FACE! ;)

mckenziegordon said...

The last few times I've had my blood drawn they have shot blood out of my arm like a fountain... NO FUN! But I'm not going to lie, your post made me laugh picturing the whole event. Glad you survived!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

oh my word Dan. you are cracking me up! I know, it is not really that funny, but you are a good storyteller and I felt like I was sitting in the room with you just reading this. I wish I had been the "stacy" that was there to save you :)