Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jackson, Craig and I, along with MANY other Oklahomans experienced something we never thought we would experience living in Oklahoma... an earthquake!!!! (Now, I know that we live along a really big fault line or something like that.. and Oklahoma has a ton of earthquakes.. but when you think of feelable earthquakes you think of California, not Oklahoma!) And my family has never experienced an earthquake before.. and who knows if we ever will again. So I wanted to make sure to document this, so Jackson will know. He lived through an Oklahoma earthquake. Last Wednesday, October 13th, I was working in the Oklahoma City office. Our office is on the 4th floor, I felt something that I thought was just a really strong wind gust, the floor shook some. But then I got on facebook and EVERYONE told me otherwise, it was an earthquake. I talked to Craig, who was at the church, where Jackson was also.. not only did the building shake, it kind of made a rumble sound (like a truck hitting the building). Craig and Jackson were much closer to where the earthquake started than I was. There were different opinions as to how strong the quake was.. it was somewhere between a 4.3 and a 5.1. Basically that means there was no structural damage, and noone was hurt. So it really ended up being just something that is neat to say, "I felt an earthquake, since there was no significant damage.

So baby boy, you experienced another first. An earthquake!!!